Broken Family

I was 12 years old when i was molested by my sisters husband. I was so affraid to tell anyone so i blocked away and never thought about it .then in 1996 my daughter at the age of 9 came to me and told me he had gotten to her i cried so hard because i should have put him in jail when it happened to me. my daughter was so scared she would not let me tell anyone except the church and the da but they were no help now fast forward to 2010 my niece came forward and told my sister and it came out big but she blamed everyone except him after a year she finely left him because her daughter came forward and told her he had been doing this to her from the age of 4 and she was now 37. i begged them all to keep all the grand kids away from him. then all the sudden in 20011 i get a phone call from the district attorney telling me they need to speak to me regarding my ex brother inlaw he had now molested his sons children because he did'nt think his dad was guilty of any of this now look what has happen . needless to say i had to come forward and tell my story and he is in jail as we speak for over a year now and we are waiting trial. i have so much guilt i can sleep i blame myself for not speaking out when i was 12 i have a lot of nightmares and flash backs every sence i have had to relive all of this just dont know what to do.we should be getting that phone call any day that the trial is going to start and i dont know if i could handle it.

myyou myyou
46-50, F
Jan 13, 2013