You're Not's Going To Be Alright.

I am now 22 years old, in Medical school, and trying to have a healthy relationship with my loving boyfriend. I never dreamed of living the life I have now, being sober and succeeding in my career path. The first 17 years of my life were a living hell. I was sexually abused by my brother for years as a child. He molested me when my family wasn't home. He would pick me up and lay me on my parents bed, take my clothes off and have me touch his member. It grew from touching with my hands to him rubbing his member on my private parts. He would call it a "secret game" only we would play. I couldn't tell anyone about it otherwise he would hurt me. From what I remember he was much older and stronger than I.

The abuse stopped for a bit when my mom gave birth to my little sister (she was on maternity leave) but once she went back, the sexual and physical abuse commenced. I felt as if I was out of my own body, and my childhood since then was unbearable. As I got older he luckily went to prison for abusing his girlfriend at the time, and living on his own as well. Ever since then I started drinking at the age of 10 and started my drug and alcohol abuse. All through middle, high, and the beginning of my college years I don't recall being sober. I was in and out of relationships, and couldn't even hold down a normal friendship. At 15, I reached a breaking point and HAD to tell someone. So one day I decided to tell my mother but she couldn't believe what she heard. So I told another member of my family I trusted and could keep a secret (so I thought) my older sister.

But one day she told my dad (being slightly drunk at the time) and he decided to bring my sensitive situation to the police. I'm still talking to my detective about what we can do to keep my brother behind bars. After 17 years, I'm finally taking a stand. To prevent him from harming other people. I do not wish this on my any living soul. To have someone take away someones childhood, their happiness and above all, their sanity. To those of you on here I have read your posts and it fills my eyes with tears. I'm not alone anymore, and I thank you all for being brave and sharing your story with the world. We're still here, surviving, fighting and loving.

As of now I got one month of school left, living with my loving boyfriend who I cherish above all, being sober, and trying to start my own family. For once in my life I can say I am truly happy. I hope you all are too thank you so much.
Motician Motician
Jan 15, 2013