My Story

It all started when I was 16. I had got a new job. But after a few days one of the people I worked with keap on talking to me about how beauitful I was. And I was so scared because I have been raped before and this was kind of how that had happend. But anyway the mans name was david. He was like in his 20's. Then one day he said if I would like a ride home and I said no thanks. But he keap on saying "come on don't you want a ride?" Then I finally gave up. I said ok.( and I was stupid enough to say yes.) Then when it got to that moment to leave he came over to me and said "you ready?" I said yes. Then we left. Then I told him were I lived. But I noticed that he toke a wrong turn. I was like "you um..... missed the turn." He said I know. I'm taking you to my house. I said why? He said"because I want to show you something." Then when we reached his house he said come on you can come in". I hate myself for doing that. I went in and he said to follow him. And I did.then he closed the door behind me and locked it. I started freaking out.I said what are you doing ? He said that he was going to have sex with me.i backed up into the coner and I was so scared. Then he grapped me and tore off my clothes. I was scared. But when I back to work he keap on doing this to me by force. Every day this happend. After 2 years of this I moved. I waited this long because I couldn't aford the money to move. But because this hapend I was so scared of men that firted with me. I will never forgive myself for the stupid action I did. And please woman never ever do what I did. It will hurt you for a long time.
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How could u have been so stupid....u were 16 already...u knew right from wrong already...and then to let it happen for two!