It Was A Torture Week They Abused Me So Badly

mary was mentally abusing me giving anything I asked for to my sister rose and she was pretending I did not exist

then bugsy and louise were abusing me... they intimidated me ... physically pinching me and bullying me

I was pushed head first into water... as a punishment

they would not let me speak to my mother over the phone... she rang to say hello and just because I cried the took the phone away from me

and would not let her talk to me.... that was a typical act of theirs were no one but them were entitled to express any emotions or have needs

then this nurse that was staying there sexually assaulted me ... she was touching my genital area with a towel and it made me feel dirty

all round it was awful.   my cousin patrick later sexually molested me in 1979

and I know they were having sex on the kitchen floor as some kind of statement ... while looking after me....

they were ar se hol es...  always intimidating me and putting me and my sister down making fun of us

always treating me like I was spastic and simply "not visable at all"
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