I Was Sexually Abused By A Doctor.

I was referred to a new Ob/Gyn for ongoing issues. I wanted to discuss my options about getting a hysterectomy. I was also due for my yearly check up. During the exam, the doctor didn't use any lubrication. He inserted the speculum and once it was in place he struck the handle of it 3 times. Once he collected the sample, he removed the speculum half way. He then used his fingers and speculum in a way that seemed he was attempting to arouse me. He used his finger to stimulate my clitoris. He then began the internal exam. He inserted one finger inside me and made a fist with the other fingers. He completed the exam, but did not remove his finger. He was "rocking" his knuckles on the outside and pushing his finger deeper and harder inside me. I yelped in pain and actually scooted up the table. He was on a rolling stool and was able to keep contact with me the whole time. Once he was done, he handed me a panty liner and said, "You're going to need this because of all the roughing around I did down there." I didn't know what to do. Hours later, I went to the ER and had a SANE kit done and reported him to the police. I have also contacted my insurance and the Board of Medicine in Virginia. The police are not pressing charges, so I cannot say his name. I have decided to sue him civically so I can go to the papers. I don't believe I'm the only victim and I want others to come forward and not be afraid. I am now suffering from nightmares and severe depression and anxiety. I will continue to battle this and one day feel safe with a doctor again.
Meduas369 Meduas369
31-35, F
May 18, 2012