Abused By 5 Guys

It was 9:00 at night, I was walking home from school in an ally. Then suddenly, some one blindfloded me. That guy ripped my uniform, pulled my skirt and ran away.
When I took out the blindflod, I was totaly NAKED! I saw a washroom and decided to stay there.
3:00a.m. I came out of the washroom, strolling to my house 10 blocks away. I press the lift botton and waited. As I waited for the lift, I covered my breast with my hair.
The lift door opened, 4 guys came out with tatoo on their arm. 2 of the guys pined me to the floor. One guy put his **** and peed into my mouth. The last guy put 6 beer bottle in my vagina. When they done ******* with me, they threw me into the trash.
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22-25, F
Sep 4, 2012