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My brother caught me wearing my mom's panties when I was 7. He decided to use me "like a girl" because if I want to dress like a girl, I need to act like a girl. I didn't understand, but I did as I was told because I was promised if he told mom and dad that I was wearing moms clothes, they'd beat me badly, and if I said anything they won't believe my word over his.
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I was sexually abused by my older brother too and I never told anyone when I was a kid. I was also not able to trust my parents as they were almost just as bad as him. If you can trust your parents then please tell them now so they can get you into therapy help as soon as possible while you are still young and under their care. Trust me you don't want to be dealing with in your 30's. Like me. Therapy is expensive but I definitely think you need it and if you ask your parents to take you they will find a way. Please tell them or an adult you trust, or school counselor. My best goes out to you! Please know it is NOT your fault in anyway. You are a victim and need help. <3

You know what, you're still very young. There's nothing wrong with trying everything, even wearing your mom's panties. And you say they will beat you badly??? No way!! No parents will beat you just because of a silly mistake. Your parents will understand that there's a lot more u need to learn. You could be actively talk to your parents and sorry for being wrong. Asking them for forgiveness and tell them to teach you more so you would know how to behave. And for your brother, blackmail his own brother and force you to wear girl's clothes? **** him. Just ignore that moron and do as I suggest.
Unless you have very brutal parents who would smack you for very little things, you have to take another route. You don't really want to be a girl DO YOU? If you do, then there's nothing else to say. But if you don't, just get up there to your parents, tell your mistake and ask for forgiveness (or a beating). But then, it's not as scared as living your childhood wearing girl's clothes isn't it? I'll tell you: it worth.
And try to learn martial art, be strong. A lot of young boys get confidence from learning how to fight. It's not about beating others but it's about not get beaten you know?
Good luck :)

Can't ignore somebody bigger, mean, and lives with you. He'll beat me up again, then tell my parenys we were wrestling or something and I got hurt. I get beat up and get punished for lying and trying to get my brother in trouble. I can't win.

So are you ok?

Angry a lot, hard to get along with others, akward, but it'll change eventually. I'm working on it. Thanks for asking, that's nice.