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Changed But Stronger.

I mentioned this in another of my stories for the group "I had my first sexual experience when I was younger" or something close to that. The story was called "Father."

All in all, the titled pretty much says the complete story.
I don't remember a lot about it; guess my mind is just trying to block it out. I remember the feeling of being helpless. I remember seeing him start to touch my younger sister. I wanted to kill him. So I started wetting the bed. To make him stop. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I got so tired of the touching. And no one would listen. My mom wasn't home when he did so because she worked nights (as a nurse) so that she could be home with us during the day.. I was just a kid. I didn't know completely how to say what he was doing. "Daddy is being mean." Not so descriptive. I remember it got to the point where I had nothing left to do. I was 5. I took scissors and cut off all my hair. And I had long hair that I loved. My mentality? He would stop touching me if I looked like a boy. That's when my mom knew something was horribly wrong. And things started to spiral after that. He tried kidnapping us. Brought us back. We moved what felt like, and may have even been, the next day. I have PTSD from this and other abuse from dearest father. Left me changed, but made me stronger.
Ariesgrl18 Ariesgrl18 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 22, 2012

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So many victims don't act out as you did. Instead they suffer in silent terror. It's amazing that you were able to do things to send signals to your mom that you were in desperate need of help. Unfortunately most cannot do this out of fear or shame and it just goes on and on. I have a feeling that you're a pretty tough gal. Thanks for sharing your story

Hang in there.

Well, I just hope EP and those of us on it can help in our small way. You're very brave my friend.

You all already do! :]

Well good, that's what we're all here for, after all :)

sorry your father was a ******* you did not deserve that ever i hope you are doing ok i hope your life from here on out will be loving vinny

Thank you so much! :] And I'm doing pretty good. It's been 11ish years since it happened, so it doesn't haunt me much anymore. :] Thank you for caring though. ^^