Step-Father Actually

From the time I was 8 until I was 13, my step father abused me sexually as well as emotionally. I actually tried to tell my mother one time, but he convinced he that I was lying. He to this day has that sway over her.

 I started fighting him at thirteen, so until I moved out at twenty-two, he gave me a very hard time.  He ran off boyfriends and pretty much acted like a "scorned lover" as my mother put it.What's kind of funny (in a sick and twisted way) is that my mother thought I was having an affair with him when I was nineteen. Ever since I tried to tell her, I haven't really trusted her. She asked me recently if what I told her was true, and he really did molest me. I just walked off shaking my head, thinking " you didn't believe me then, you won't believe me now."

So for me I feel that there are some things that can just never be forgiven bucause I will never be able to forget.

Rayne Rayne
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I want to share my story with this group as well. When I was very young a man came into my life and was referred to as my god father. Not a step-father, not a boy friend of my mother. My mother sent me off with this man on several occasions. He was a traveling sells man. Maybe that is how she meet him. He treated me as if I was his girl friend, wife etc. I was around five or six!. On several occasions I told my mom I didn't like him hugging and kissing me so much. Her comment was he always wanted a little girl. Well guess what he want handed one on a silver platter. He offen told people I was his daughter. On trips to out of state and in state we shared a bed in a hotel. When I stayed over night at his house we shared a bed. I have memories of him pointing out body parts as if he was a doctor or informing me of information on my own body. On one occasion Myself and my sibling and mother went on some vacation with him. I was forced to share the hotel room with him when I begged my mom to let me stay in the room with her and my sisters. She said they are to old! He often bought her and my siblings gifts and even paid for my braces. I feel my mom sould me out for these items. As an adult I have spoken to her about these things and she never makes a comment, just silence. Sometimes she will just bring his name up out of the blue as if she is stabbing me. Whats bad about the whole thing is that I hate her more than my abuser.

Hi, I'm sorry for what happened to you. Sad that for you, me and all the millions of others that have been violated sexually, will never be able to forget. My brother molested me till i was about 12 years old. At least you were able to tell your mother, my heart hurts for you cause she was suppose to protect you. <br />
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I never told my mother, even up to this day she doesn't know. I know how we all suffer with the memories of our past. Finally at the age of 35, I went into a deep depression were I had to be put into a hospital for a month. <br />
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I was able to tell my other three sisters about my abuse ... well guess what , yep one of my other sisters was also abused by him. It took a lot of praying and seeking God to help me forgive to him.<br />
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I am here to testify that God does answer prayers. I will never be able to forget but I have learned to forgive. Besides, I think my brother is paying for his injustice on mine and my sister's life. I will lift you up in prayer. <br />