Father Go To Hell

i never much liked my father evern when he was living with us her was a violant man he drank alot of the time and when my mother was working and the feed store he would use me as his play toy. not all the things were sexual but most were.

i remember times when we out go feed the cows and birds her would tell my to suck him off he *** in my mouth a number of times. and a few on my face. i was alway thought to do as my parents said even of i didnt want to. a lot of the stuff he did was mild like touching and oral but he dint stop there on a number of times he would have my lay on a bale of hey and preform anal. the first few times he did that i cant describe how bad it hurt maybe like taking a hot sword and stabing your self slowly and over and over. i dont think he did anything to my sisters but i know he made my life a living hell. i can still tast the *** in my moth and the smell of hot oil. everytime i think about it i have a weird feeling in my butt its like he took somthing from me.

im still ok tho i have learned to cope with my past and now with a loving girlfriend i see my life getting better for those how read this please be kind to the young men a women out there they dont need to be put through what we have and for those how have been through it rase your hand and say i and free no one can stop me ive been through worries and ill fight through everrything else as well.

god bless and keep you all

pitbull1986 pitbull1986
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012