A Girl Trapped In Hell

*Very graphic*

I have vivd memories of being abused by daddy. I was only 3 years old and my dad was a marine. He was a tall muscular man who smoked cigars and drank beer every day. My mother rarely involved herself in his activities and I rarely saw them display affection or kindness to each other. The first thing I remember is when mommy would leave dad would walk over to me and stand above me, calling me names while i smoked his cigar and looked down at me. He would say "Dumb *****. Little ****. You're worthless, I'm going to show you how worthless you are." He would unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, but he wouldnt pull them down. He would stand above me and put his hand down his pants and stroke himself while staring down at me. Every so often he would reach down and slap me, or work up a big loogie of spit and tilt my little head up so it went on my face or in my mouth. I dont remember what I did but I imagine I was hysterical. I remember being frozen in fear. After awhile he would let his pants and boxers fall to the ground while standing there and his large penis would fall out, it would be massive and hard. He would often leave his shirt on but pull his boots and pants all the way off, then lean down and shove my face into his hairy balls and big penis. I remember that hurting most of all because he would also slap the back of my head or reach through my little dress and pinch my nipples. All the while calling me names. Of course he would try to get his penis in my mouth but he was too big and I would be crying. He would try to make me lick his big hairy balls but I couldnt. Then he would do the most disgusting act... he would lay me on my back on the carpet and stand, turn around, and sit on my face. He was hairy and smelled. He would often fart and laugh at me. I remember hearing muffled laughs. I would feel my diaper get taken off and his fingers slapping and poking my special place. I remember being suffocated from his big muscular hairy butt and also in shock that fingers were in my vagina, then fingers were in my butt. I think many times I black out. I remember one time I did black out from that, I woke up in my parents bed and he was drinking a beer and watching a sports game. I remember being in so much pain down below. Even though I was little I remember waking up on my stomach, turning over and looking down and he had put clothespins on my nipples and they were red and bruised. I immediately started crying and as I moved a few had clipped off, pinching my baby flesh. I looked around while crying in a panic and he grabbed my hair and turned my head up to him. His exact words were "Where do you think you're going *****? I'm not done with you yet." And with that he essentially took me into the bathroom and peed all over my face and in my mouth forcing me to swallow it. And then I endured hours more of abuse and torture...

More to come as I remember it or get the strength to post it.
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Oh my God!!! That is so sad and horrible!!!