Tired Of The World Today

Today I see the world as a colossally ****** up place. Abused as a child, no one to protect me, I blamed myself. I grew up to know pain, ptsd symptoms. Judith Herman says that what ****** survivors cope with is actually much worse than traditional ptsd - she wrote a book called Trauma and Recovery I recommend. There is no acknowledgment for what we suffer. We are invisible. I never succumbed to drugs. I am blamed for being on disability, I was blamed by my family, scapegoated, there are too many injustices to list for someone like me - and you. No one ******* cares. The world is a miserable place because evil is in the human heart. I am buried under rubble, trying to get out, and there is so much of it now I wonder if I ever will. I'm ******* tired of this world and of trying to be OK when my childhood was taken away by an evil man and my mother let it happen. I'm so tired of how the world discriminates against the poor, the disabled, the "mentally ill" (code name for TRAUMA), and how much I have been hurt by the evil ***** on this planet.
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Jan 10, 2013