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Abuse Hurts

Starting when I was 9 and a half years old My step father for almost 6 years began sexually abusing me. I was so young I couldn't completely tell what was going on, all that i could tell was that it was wrong. He had me 100% scared to death. Ever since i was little i have had abandonment issues caused by my biological father. My Step father preyed on this vulnerable emotions and had me convinced that if i made one wrong move my mom, my only parent I could truly rely on, would do nothing and let things continue to go on. In November 2011, I finally disclosed to my mom about the doings of my step father. And my mom called the police right away. I am now going through trial for his convection and at age 14, what i went through still haunts me. I have vivid nightmares, privacy issues and my skin crawls and my heart races at any sudden moments or noises. I am in therapy and have been to a mental hospital once. I'm still hurting because of what he did, but i'm getting better. Day by day.
KirstiXD KirstiXD 16-17 3 Responses Mar 28, 2012

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i went through the same thing faced trial at 16 band put my step father away for 62years i am now 22 and still struggle with the things that happened as a child nut it does get easier i promise! take it day by day know that what you are doing is right and it is no part your fault! i havent had the chance to share my story on this page but i will as soon as i have the time maybe it will be as of some help to you! im sorry for the things you have experienced and i wish you the best@!

I too was in that exact situation, only i was a little older. I am currently going through a trial for my abuser's conviction. I feel for you, I truely do.

You will heal and recover! You did the right thing, I am so proud of you. Find that perfect, amazing, wonderful part of yourself, embrace it and protect it, it is still there waiting for you to find.

thank you, and i know i did the right thing. :)