Raped By My Teacher

I was raped by my 6th grade teacher. She had asked me to stay behind after school, which I did since I was always the kid who sucked up. She said to me that she noticed that I liked to hold hands with some of the girls, which I did, they were better friends to me than any of the boys at my school. My teacher said that girls just didn't like to hold hands, and I said ok, I know, but we were just friends. She said let me show how your friends want you to treat them. She was wearing this tan and black dress, that day, some cheap perfume, and wore heavy make-up. She proceeded to kiss me on the lips. I backed away, but she pulled me closer. She then forced her tongue in my mouth. She then said, that girls like this and that I better learn to do it good. At this point I was scared to death, I had no where to run. She then pulled down the shoulders of her dress, exposing her rather large, and sun damaged breasts. She had me touch them and rub them. Dispite my head telling me know, I got an erection. She undid my shorts and pulled down my underwear and proceeded to perform oral sex on me until I climaxed. When this was ifnally over, she said that no matter who I told, no one would ever believe me since we had had a run in earlier in the year about her calling a boy in class the n word. I had blocked that image for several years, only recently surfacing. It's brought a lot of pain into my life.
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Are u a boy or girl

i feel so sorry for you it must of been awfull:(

Thank you for your support

I understand exactly what you mean, I feel the same way with women, almost every single woman I have ever met in person has made some sort of comment about by size, some are more direct than others, but I know what you mean, it's like I'm some sort of freak or something, very hurtful at times.

i know that is was they say, but more and more are coming foreward to talk about being raped as kids, i think lotof it had to dowith others knew boys would not tell and it would be hard to get a boy knocked up afther the rape<br />
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i was even raped in bootcamp by a drunk compnay commander the first time i told and nothing happened and i made it every clean what would the next time<br />
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a few week lated he triend it agian he got me in his office by saying i had a box from my wife which was not rue so he alsopaid the price for lying to me to as he left by the window still nothing happened to him as he was still there i was just moved to a different company and no one was suppose to know butt hat was a lye too but boot was almost over and i would soon be on my way to BUDS

Thank you for the support, it's very hard to talk about, guys aren't supposed to be raped, It's been very hard to come to terms with.

Same.^ My heart goes out to you.

I'm so sorry this happened to you. ((((Hugs))))

sorry it need to be rpeorted even at this date