I Was Sexually Assualted

Last weekend I went home with a friend of mine from a party I was very drunk and we both wanted to go swimming in his pool. I was on my period and not only that I've never been sexually attracted to him. He has tried it on a few times with me but I had always told him no. Before I got in his car I told him that I wasn't going to sleep with him and that I only wanted to go swimming and he said it was fine. So we went swimming and had a laugh and I fell asleep on the couch with him lying by me. I woke up and he was spooning me, rubbing himself up on me. I ignored it and went back to sleep, but he kept fondling me with his hands so I kept pulling them away and saying stop it. At this point I was just annoyed, this had happened to me a few times and I wasn't worried. The guy usually stops when you don't respond. But this time he didn't and before I knew it he was on top of me humping me and reaching everywhere. I was disorientated and drunk and couldn't move. I kept repeated stop stop and no but he didn't stop. I got scared. I managed to hit him off me because we were on a little couch. I ran and locked myself in the bathroom and tried to stop myself from crying. He called after me and I felt stupid. I went to lie down on the bed and told him I was going to sleep but he was already passed out so it didn't matter.
Next thing I woke up and he was spooning me in the bed. I kept telling him to stop. I could feel his ***** and he was running his hands all over me and I kept pushing his hands away. He was breathing very heavily and pulled himself on top of me and I couldn't stop him and I was trapped. He was much bigger than me and just his weight pinned me down. He tried to kiss me and his hands were on my hair so I couldn't even more my head properly to avoid him. It was horrible I just closed my mouth and he just made out with my face. I was really scared then because I knew he didn't realise what he was doing. I was crying and telling him to stop and I reached down with my hand to cover my vagina because he pushed my pants aside. He kept trying to shove his penis inside me but because I was wearing a tampon it wouldn't go in. I was crying so much and just sobbing stop but he wouldn't. Then he reached down with his hand and I tried to block his hands and move but I couldn't and he pushed his fingers inside me. It was so painful because I also had a tampon in. I screamed really loudly and finally had the ability to yell your hurting me. he looked sort of stunned and pulled back a little and this gave me enough time to push him back. He grabbed my arm as I ran out the room and cut me. I had no money for a cab home so I had to sleep on his couch and get a ride home from him in the morning. I cried because I was scared I would wake up with him beside me again. When I had to see him in the morning he said he blacked out. I don't know whether I believe him but I didn't tell him what he did.
daisybuddha daisybuddha
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012