You Creep

Out I go on a Saturday night
Take a sip of beer, I'm feeling all right
A shot of tequila taste pretty good
Shot after shot, I drank as much as I could
In a safe place I thought I was
Cloudy misjudgment from a hell of a buzz
Hanging with the gang, another party again
Very naïve thought everyone was my friend
Drunker and drunker I came to be
Until I passed out with you on top of me
Pray to God I'd wake up and it would all be a bad dream
Lying there still as can be
Hoping you'd be done, finish, and leave
A gaping hole you left to my heart that night
Ever since then nothing can ever be right
How dare you think you can take what's not yours from me
******* a passed out girl who fell asleep
I thought after the first two cases it couldn't get worse
Unfortunately, I was wrong and must be cursed
I didn't say a word, I didn't know what to do
Pretended it never happened, no one ever knew
Throwing that night into the back of my mind
Play it all cool, let the past be behind
But what a big role this has played in my life
Following me closely like a shadow in the night
I beat myself up because of you everyday
Wake up every morning trying to convince myself I'm okay
At night I lay down and try to fall asleep
Unfortunately, I'm haunted by you, you ******* creep
All a sudden it hits me like a brick wall
A night of my life I wish I didn't recall
But instead it plays like a video in my head
Except I can't hit the stop button and make it all end
The only way to end the nightmare I'm in
Is to end the fight for my life, it's so easy to give in
Here I am fighting a never-ending war
I don't even know if I have the strength to go on anymore
I'm going to keep fighting until I have no strength left
I'm like a battery, I just don't know how much juice I have left
It's because of you and other creeps ruining my life
I don't even know if I can survive another night
It's all right enough talk about me
Welcome the star of the show, his role is key
You will play the role of a murdered man
Who is Killed by a women with a conniving plan
The revenge on him that he must face
A pain felt so deep it can't be erased
So do you want to know how the story ends
Too bad, too late, the story's real not pretend
On the count of three I'll give you a head start
Even though it won't matter I'll still tear you apart
JamieNioske JamieNioske
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012