Intentionally Overmedicated and Thrown to the

I was thrown into jail because I was in a psychotic episode of manic depression and people were afraid of my behavior.  While I was in there I was very noisy and they intentionally overmedicated me so that I would be quite and cooperate.  Then they placed me in a cell full of big muscular men who raped me as I was so intoxicated with medication that I was unable to defend myself.

When I asked for treatment from the infirmary for the bleeding that I was going through the female dr. treated me like I was a piece of meat...they did tho place me in a separate cell all by myself and I thought I was safe , but a couple of days later, they placed another large male in with me and he forced himself on me and raped me.........again I complained to the staff of what had happened and went to the dr. for proof and the indignation of having to go through the rough exam to proove I had been raped!

How had this happened?  I had been forced to take liquid thorazine, 1200mgs IM .at a time then 600mg po liquid twice a day or be forced to take it IM and could not fight off my attackers and had no place to run to get away from them, I was trapped and at their mercy...the nightmares I have to this day are so horrible so bad when I do I have them that I have to take 2mg of ativan everynight when I go to bed so I won't have them and have been doing this since 1972.

A woman I know was kinky enough to allow me to perform anal intercourse to get it out of my system...only one time was enough for me....I am so greatful for her as I have not had to lower myself to the standards other men who have been raped, to have to perpetuate it and go on to become child molesters .  I got married in 1972, and I have since then been divorced,  I have a wonderful heterosexual sexlife and relationship with a beautiful caring woman today who understands me and I have prayed for my enemies who have defiled me, and have come to realize that like me they suffer from a disease, but I have allowed modern medicine and therapy to stablize me and allow me to live a socially and sexually productive life.

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I hope they are dead. They probably are. Men with that kind of behavior may be used by the police, but, In my neighborhood, die slow *****. Rapists are one step above Chimos, but only one. There is no excuse

Good lord, you poor thing. That's horrible, and it never should have happened to you. I'm so sorry you have to relive this stuff in your dreams. I really applaud you for having the compassion to pray for these guys who raped you and realize that they have an illness. That kind of awareness takes strength many people don't have. Glad you found happiness! Keep it close.

ditto what celainn said - YOU GO!