Your Parents Even Think You Committed Suicide

I hate you now, I hate your guts
I hate you so much it drives me nuts
I don't know why, I don't know how
I seriously wish I could forget you now
I was too young, but it's too late
I hadn't even gone on my first date
Plagued is the world that we are exposed
Contaminated people that need to be disposed
Predators do things that normal people would never do
Like ******* a child that has no clue
Innocent and young I once was
Until you stole my virginity just for fun
You took my spirit, you took my pride
You even make me wish I'd die
The control you still have over me
Feels like I'm fighting a deadly disease
You tear me apart one piece at a time
Still never been convicted of that particular crime
The suffering I deal with everyday
I'm reminded of a life where you're always in the way
I have no self-esteem, I'm always down
My feelings haven't changed even though your not around
It's your fault, I blame you
So completely hopeless, I don't know what to do
Homicide, a conviction you deserve
You killed me twelve years ago you sick ******* perve
You brutally murdered my soul deep inside
I don't even know, am I really alive
Physically I'm here, sound and well
Mentally and emotionally I've been through hell
There is an emptiness I feel inside
No where to run, no where to hide
What's the point of suffering and shame
A life isn't worth living if you suffer everyday
Here we go, it's my turn to have some fun
Flip the roles around let your nightmare begun
You thought it was a joke, you thought it was a game
But you've mistaken the price you'll pay
Now take this pistol to your head
Before you find out why you'd rather be dead
The pain I felt was so severe
But imagine that compared to your greatest fear
I'll beat you and torture you, you won't survive
And don't even tempt me to burry you alive
I took your spirit, I took your pride
Your parents even think you committed suicide
JamieNioske JamieNioske
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012