Online Stranger Who Lied

When I was 14/15 I talked to a guy online who said he was 18, then 21, when he finally met me he said thirty, but I think it was even older! I was so nervous e when we met I was afraid to resist. He said hurtful things like " oh, I thought you were skinnier." Or
Are you sure you're a virgin? Your parts are missing."
I was a virgin, but.... technically ...I wasn't, bc when we would Skype I would finger myself for him...

After it was all said and done my mom found out and was furious. Looking back, I'm kind of pissed because I thought I was going to meet a nice sr. In high school and didn't plan on all of this. Why? I feel stupid, but I really wanted to be with a guy. I hardly did anything, well not counting ************, Untill up to that point. At the time I was into the bible and all the while I actually thought we had something going on! I just flat out did NOT know. I tried telling a school councelor and they said, wait I just don't know why you went back?" My response, although I just kept quite, is because of two reasons. One, like I said, I was growing fond of him and wanted to date, but when we met one of the reasons was fear. Fear that he might do something if I don't obey.
Anyway , my mom ended up calling the cops, which was about as helpful as a dead decaying animal rotting in the hot humid sun in July with a festering moldy dog turd and both filled with swarms of maggot larvas and flies covering every mere open spots on top! lol Yes, bery descriptive! Yet if they want money for the town they'll chase you down a dark country road at 11pm only to find out what you thought was a phyco drunk speeding up tale gating to chase you and doesnt turn his lights on untill top speed, yeah then youre the worst person ever.

BUT yeah back to the phetophile story...

All she, the cop, did was ask me embarrassing questions in front of her and my mom who was hovering over me in anger at ME.So, while I had to describe my first time experiencing oral sex, no real sex thank God, but he wanted a real virgin and I must have been too fat for him at the time as well. The dirty perve, who claimed to have the name Steve Thompson, was apparently going back to Cali.
Ok, listen to this. He apparently lived in Hawaii, yet also California, and had New Jersey lincence plates! He said he sold jewelry and invested in stocks for money. I'm pretty sure I'm NOT the first girl he has done this to bc he said something about a freakin high school cheer leader! People like him, and I know I should hate but it's true, should literally be hung up by their balls!
I like the movie hard candy. It's about this young girl who acts like she's interested in meeting a sleazy petophilia guy online. She plays it out a bit, giggling, shy, letting him speak down to her, but then the party comes to a screeching halt! She ties him down , can't remember I whole lot, and begins torturing him. One of the things she does in chop off his balls while he's awake!
I know it sounds like plot-less movie, and that may be so, but TO ANY ONE who was RAPED, MOLESTED, HARASSED sexually, and/or mentally/ physically abused, this is a great movie to calm the rage inside of you , BUT don't get any ideas. I don't want to be the reason some girl goes Lorena Bobbitt on me!
(The woman who cut her husbands penis off!)

Back to "Steve Thompson". I remember looking at his aol profile way back in the day, it was something like
and his fav quote was
"If a tree falls in the woods and no one heard it, does that mean it happened?"
What a gerk!! Yeah humans don't see but God and his angels spirit guides whatever do!
Right when he got on a plane to Cali, that's when sept 11 happened. I was nervouse for him and wrote him a letter saying something like,
" oh I hope you're ok and weren't on that plane! Just let me no"
" he could of at least said nice and descreetly, " I'm fine, but I think it best if we stay apart." Oh no he could have just broke my heart in a nice way. Not only did he hurt me, he wrote back saying something like," you're such a stupid girl! Getting in contact with me is like giving someone sleeping pills then waking them up to take me!" After how nice I was to him, and how young I was he went on saying how stupid I am, like I didn't get enough by people here!
I hope where ever that bastard is I hope he burns in hell, if there is such a place! I know you should let go, but it hurts that so many people put me down say I'm dumb when I KNOW I'm actually an inquisitive talented persons. It's hard to tell because I've had bi polar one I believe, the worst one with episodes, and get so nervous I can't concentrate, but being on stage was a different story... Now I love writing, helping animals, singing, my family, and soon to be fiancé!! My life is turning and I know pain makes us stronger, but I hope that ***** is in jail for treating young naive sweet girls like trash!
(((Hugs to everyone out there struggling with this terrible issue)))!!! Xoxo
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sorry u had this bad experience