I'm A Waitress! Not A Wench!

[Note: names have been changed. I do not recommend you do what I did!]

I was working as a waitress, at a nationally known pizza restaurant.

It after closing time.
Most of the other employees were in the back cleaning up the kitchen.
I had the dining area.

My boss (Teddy) sat in one of my booths, with his new assistant manager (Tony), sitting across from him.

Teddy called me over to introduce me to Tony.
We exchanged greetings, then Teddy asked me to get him a pitcher of beer.

I came back to the booth with the pitcher of beer, and started to pour it into a glass.

Teddy (sitting in the booth on my left side), grabbed me by my left wrist saying: "I don't need a glass darlin', sit down here next to me."
I replied in a low, firm voice: "Let go"

He took the glass from my hand with his free hand, then he grabbed my wrist with both hands, then moved one of his hands to my upper arm, tightly taking a hold of me, pulling me down towards him.

"Teddy....let go! You're hurting me!"

I felt ashamed, embarrassed and afraid of what he might do.

While trying to force me into the booth next too him, he said: "I'm so HOT for you!!!! Come here!"
He puckered his lips, he was trying to get me close to him to kiss me.

I had no choice but to pour the pitcher of beer onto his lap, I replied: "There now....did that COOL you OFF?!

He let go of me.
I thought he'd strike me, but he didn't.

Tony was laughing his but off!
I leaned toward him, and got in his face, and said: "You find that FUNNY?!"
He shut up, and wiped that smile off his face.

I told them both: "Don't ever do that to me again!"

Teddy asked for another pitcher of beer.
He never tried anything like that again.
I was still afraid of him though.

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That's like a brave girl ;)
Cheers to you sweetheart !

I'd recommend it. You did the right thing standing up for yourself, and not giving those ******** what they wanted. Way to go. Thing is, though, you shouldn't be afraid of people like them, and you certainly should NEVER be afraid to defend yourself. Ever.

Woman should be trained inschool how to deal with a holes.You did the right thing but some other woman prob not and lived thru hell with aftermath...

Yes, they should be, and you're right, some others might not have handled it. At that time, it was easy for me., I moved there to get away from where I lived, after a suicide attempt.
'Tony' tried his own crap.
One night he clocked everyone out, expecting everyone to work off the clock.
No one else said anything, they needed the job, and had everything to lose. Me....I felt I lost everything, didn't have anything...didn't give a.....
I was mopping the floor when he came told me that I was clocked out.....I told him I think I injured myself and to call 911. I also let him know what would happen if he EVER punched my time card again!!!
All the other employees, that relied on that job came up and thanked me. Felt weird. Glad I wasn't in their shoes, I still had somewhere to go...they didn't.

you go girl that took courage todo that i am proud of you now he will leave you alone lol. vinny

Thank you for reading! :)

well your nice woman it can make you rich if you report that its a form of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT and infront of your MANAGER well he is really lucky you never report otherwise they would pay much money in their life or go to JAIL

He was the manager.
I should have reported it...I should have reported ALL the jerks that harrassed me.
But I would be the one that would have to pay, by losing my job.

yes you may lost your job but with hefty money for out of court settlement...ha,ha,ha....next time someone do that tell them so they will back off...

LOL, easier said then done.
Neither of those two (_____) had any money.

I'd rather keep my job.

Thanks for reading and commenting! (((Hug)))

really why all the men is poor damn?but yeah its ok...

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you should have wacked him over the head with the pitcher.. if my sister came home and told me her boss did that.. god help him lol

Shoulda poured the beer on him! and had you been caring a small firearm..no worries but thats my opinion.<br />

I poured the entire pitcher on his crotch. LOL!
Thank you for reading!

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!