Lust Or Affection

I really honestly don't feel comfortable posting my story on here. I haven't ever used this site...I'm scared to post it. I'm afraid the people that took advantage of me will find it and post a counter reply. They will say something like "You're just a *****..." "you're the one who started it..." It's what they've been saying the past few weeks because the truth finally came out. And boy....did they look bad.

I just wanted to ask out into the world of experienceproject, why am I so confused? Why do I feel like I wasn't taken advantage of...? Why does it feel like what they did was my responsibility?  My therapist ensures me that I was, my boyfriend tells me that I was, and even my friends. I refuse to tell my part of the story to any body who heard the story of the people who are my "abusers". I'm too embarassed. 

Why do I always let this kind of thing happen?

jigglewiggle jigglewiggle
Mar 3, 2010