After A Few Months...

Let me be quite frank, a long cruise on an all-male boat would drive just about any straight guy half, if not full gay. We were mostly young dudes, horny anyway, even if we had been in a cornfield in Iowa. Couple that with heat, close quarters, and talk of not much else but sex, opposite sex back then, but you know, "Any port in a storm." So, Willy either got a workout in the shower or toilet or in your briefs and you'd try to hide those wet dreams. If there was a spark between a couple of chaps and a quiet spot in a private location, well, who is to say there wasn't more popping out of those shorts than buttons... Almost like Vegas, what goes on there stays there. What happened aboard ship stayed aboard ship. What's a little action among mates? I'm sure that today, with young lasses aboard American boats, there is a lot less male male sex (but maybe not) and more boy girls stuff. I have heard that many pregnancies occur on long cruises...SOmething that didn't happen in "the old Navy."
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Sep 5, 2012