The Part Of Me I Did Not Create

I was 5 when I was first sexual abused. A man who was close to our family gained their trust and gained mine.
I was made to stand naked touching myself as he touched himself. This memory was like a dream through my teenage years. Iike it was just out of reach, the things I did, feel and knew were all linked to this memory. I did forget these horrible things that happened. I've been told I did it to protect myself. Buthey could never stay hidden.
They are a much apart of me as any other experience, that is what I find the hardest of all to deal with.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

My brother knew as he to had similar experiences with this man alone and with me. But we have never spoken about it, I'm not sure he remembers or has ever delt with it. I have never spoken to my other family members about it.

Thanks for sharing this..., did your family ever find out?