I Loved You.

my cousin was my everything. He is 22 and nine years older then mw witch makes me 13. i told him everything: what i did with boys, how far ive gone, my dreams eveything. one night i feel asleep in his room and i woke up to him touching me under my breast and top of my ***. next thing you know hes naked ripping my cloths of taking out a ziplock bag. he kisses me while hold my hand and arms captive over my head. it hurts the most knowing it was my best kiss..i know im 13 and will have more but when? then he was in side me with a ziplock bag as a condom which hurt so bad scratching me. it was like that for 20 minutes 13 seconds i know that excatly beacase i counted. he got of me and said its our secret never tell. it was sick i threw up and my parents were in the room next door. what sick person dose this to a 13 year old virgin.
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Wow,that's...wow I am so sorry that's horrible