A Pink Bra With Sheeps, Touch It

Look at me
Look at me
see what you have done

sparkling life, the youthful light
Beneath the wild ocean of emotion
An imposing reflection of you
In the waves, oh so blue
Long eyelashes, oh so seductive

naive words, the giggling sun
Hidden underneath brought plead
An exposure of need, is it greed?
In the sunrays, oh so bright
damaged lips, oh so soft

Pink sheeps, the infantile bra
Covering young breasts size Ah
Ah, the sound made by your touch
Sheeps provide leather, oh consume
Big hands, oh use

Look at me
Look at me
Feel what you have done

Bright soft lips
Ignore any plead of need
Make your sound, be proud
You are the first to cover it all

Look at me,
Suck in the youth you are craving for
Turn away from the leaks in the ocean
Ignore your reflection in the blue
Littlerabit12 Littlerabit12
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013