I Didn't Realise

This is something I've only just realised. At the time I didn't realise that another girl forcing herself onto me was sexual abuse. Between the ages of around 7 and 12 this girl used to brush past me touching me and say it was 'an accident'. She was the same age as me and used to do everything I ever thought could happen between two girls and now its made me horribly uncomfortable being in close contact with another females. Trouble is I can never tell anyone, no-one would believe me.
sophiehastings sophiehastings
18-21, F
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I would.

You mean you'd tell?

I would believe you. You can tell me about it.

Thank you

Your welcome

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Maybe you should tell. I didn't and I regret it in a away. Take a chance. Stay strong.

I would but I'm turning 15 soon so it happened a while ago and I don't want to upset my family

At least they would care. But seriously if they can't do anything just tell, it might help.

Thank you