On Sexual Abuse

I will go, with the reason I am composing this letter, this is
I'm sending this missive, because my daughter who is 8, was sexually assaulted,
By my 22 year old daughter and her boyfriend when she was 7.
She made the outcry, around August 6th of this month 2014. I immediately, went to law enforcement.
Who, chose not to believe me. After many confrontations, with my daughter R----, and the police.
I was asked to take a polygraph.
I took two polygraphs, I failed, the first one.
Then, I passed the second polygraph, and still they will not consider it.
I tendered, to pay for a third polygraph.
The DA's office' said it would be a waste of time.

I wish these allegations, my daughter M----, made about her sister and her boyfriend, weren't true.
However, I' payed attention, to all the terrible details, my daughter told me.
Plus, there is a definite fact that a 3 year old, was sexually abused in the same house,
My daughter was sexually assaulted.

My daughter R-----, has a daughter name E----- L---, who is 3 years old.
She was found with two STD's Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.
Law enforcement and the DA's office, close the case after 2 weeks. I gave them enough information, about the
kind of people my daughter had at her house. They never investigated, the people my daughter, had lived with her.
However, I cooperated with the police department. My children, ex-fiance, and myself, were all cleared from
the sexual abuse report on my granddaughter.
Anyone, and everyone living with my daughter, who had access to my granddaughter, were never tested.
But, the mother of the child. Who, has had both STD's in the past.

I feel as if I've been treated badly, by the police officers,
Because, I am not educated enough. My daughter, has had everyone on her side, even when her daughter
was found with two STD's. My daughter, has no criminal record. I know that plays a big factor in this case.
Never, have they taken anything I have to say about my daughter in to consideration.
I never lied, to law enforcement, CPS.
Now, my daughter M-----, who was raped in my daughter R------ apartment, is not getting justice.

I tried, getting the Texas Ranges, involved. FBI. I know everyone has to go by with what the DEA says.
It is not right, this is not the way the justice system should work.
They are focused on me, and not my 8 year old daughter.
I did the right thing, when my 8 year old made the outcry.
My daughter has a description and a name, of the man who did this to her.
When my daughter R-----, was asked, if she ever did such a thing.
Of course she turned this around and said, it was all made up. And she would never do such a thing.
In no way would I make something like this up. Both are my daughters.

I would never wish this upon my 22 year old daughter. However, I believe my 8 year old.
Now, my 22 year old daughter is getting away with a second sexual assault case.

No one is listening to me.
This is my daughter, and I know if this was your daughter, you'd fight for her.

We have no one on our side,
Not CPS,
Now, the police department. Not the DEA,
I have not given up on God, all mighty.

These are children we are talking about. No one, is doing anything for them.
It is easy, for the officers not to investigate this, and close this case as easily as they did on my granddaughter.

Please hear me out.
I am the voice for my daughter, and I feel, as if the system is letting her down.

Irma H
IrmaH IrmaH
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

You need to inform the press as much as possible if you want justice. This will give you no privacy but with others knowing you gain power the police wish you couldn't have. Makes them look bad. The more people know the angrier they will become and if you have the angry masses behind you you can move mountains. Dog the reporters like you dog the police and you will get results. You will also loose privacy. So you have to ask yourself if you want justice even if it means everyone knows or privacy and your 22 year old does it again to others and your granddaughter and no justice remains in the damn country.
Contact me over ep sometime.

The media would not take the story, that is so weird. I think they are afraid! But there is proof that my granddaughter had 2 std's

What is EP

I'm sorry then. I don't know how to help. Sorry.

Hope you find something that works.

I'm truly sorry.

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I am really sorry to hear that you are having such trouble getting justice for your younger daughter and your granddaughter ... the justice system sucks and it must be so hard watching your little daughter go through this...i really hope that someone listens to you and that you get the justice that you seek and that the little girls deserve.. i know the damage it causes long term to be abused and i wish there were more like you that would fight tooth and nail to get justice done... this is the reason that there are so many children that are suffering and in families where abuse is present... the are seen as kids and are not listened to... please dont give up that fight...someone HAS to listen sooner or later.. xx