My foster mom had me sexually abused in the hospital. By a "doctor".

I was seven.

I had many many hospital stays growing up, treating my chronic lung condition.
I'm a victim of doctor screw ups. They treated me for cancer. When all I had was a lymphatic tumor. It would have gone away on its own. But doctors removed it. Paralyzing me. Leaving me with one working kidney. One lung. Half an airway, and half my vocal cords.

A night just like any other...
My foster mom was holding my hand, getting me ready for bed time.
Telling me tonight, she'd booked a hotel room, as she was tired of sleeping on the uncomfortable chair beside my bedside.

I thought nothing of it. I let her go cuz I felt bad for her.

Before she left she told me
"If anyone comes in the room, don't let them touch you. Tell them you need your mom, and I'll come right back."

I told her alright and drifted off to sleep.
Knowing id see her in the morning.

Middle of the night I was woken up by someone fiddling with my IV. I pulled away telling the shadow beside me that I needed my Mom. "Don't touch me" I repeated like she'd told me.

He didn't stop. She never came.
I won't go into detail about what was done to me that night, but I gathered that the shadow was not a doctor. And what he was doing to me was wrong.

He flushed my IV with something, maybe in hopes to make me forget. But I very much didn't.

7 years later I confronted my foster mom about the incident. I'd kept it hidden from her as I thought she would feel like it was her fault for leaving me. But as I gathered... It was her planning.
She did nothing but smile at me. And told me "you're welcome".
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Omg that is so messed up! Gosh what's wrong with people why do we live in such a cruel world!
I'm so sorry you went through that. Hugs. X

What the **** is wrong with people,my god..this world is so sick