I "was" Abused ????

I was just 11 years old then . We were playing on the community ground it was 6 pm time to go home. He was 16 a playmate who i saw , met , talked to everyday caught me walking home all alone by myself. He pulled me into an dark alley, put a palm across my mouth so i wldn't make a sound

i was like a barbie doll and he was well built stronger and almost towered over me.

At that moment i felt humiliated and helpless. His hands were all over my body,  touching me where no one had touched before

I was scared

Thankfully his friends came about calling out for him and he let me go warning me not to speak of this incident to anyone

I ran home and the first thing that i did was to fall in the arms of my Mom and relate the incident to her

She pacfied me and just said one thing - how will u react ?

whatever your response is  i will support you


Two days later - In a community event where all the kids and their parents were present  

I confronted this guy

Didn't say a word - just slapped him  tight across the face

Everyone was aghast and wanted to know the reason for my behaviour

My answer was Ask him let him disclose the reason if he has the guts

I was a star that day and that instilled in me the confidence that i could fight back against abuse

that i had support a strong support not only from my parents but from the community

And above all it helped me make healthy relationships with men  in my future life   

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u r a braveheart

Excellent.... Well Done

wow... i wish every girl or woman here in india is as brave as u against sexual harassment...i give my full vote to u...

thank you

for no small a reason am I nicknamed JKR
Jhansi ki rani :)

Oo jhansi ki raani ji... Kabhi online bhi hoti hain kya aajkal...?

**** yeah! That's how it's done.

Good Job!!! :)

Wow. You are really brave <3

Good job!

You go girl.

AHAHAHAHAHAAA, omg this has made my day, go you pahaha

wow... WOWW thats... girl that was great waht u did. cudnt have ever done better.. ;)

Wow you have some gutts and i appould you for that i will for ever look up to you for that and how you werr so brave :)Well done for standing up to him and showing him that he couldnt mess about with you <3


thnx guys<br />
<br />
appreciation and support makes life worthwhile<br />
<br />

Congrats... you were brave and strong..

That took a lot of courage to do what you did. That was a powerful thing and you were very reasonable about it too. You have class. Most people would have blurted everything out. I am impressed with how you handled with what you did.

Congratulations xtra... you have my full admiration...that is so self empowering....kudos to you!!<br />
<br />
I also was abused with violence and degradation as a child... and did not let it ruin or run my life either...it helped to give me great strength instead...<br />
<br />
Later in life I learned that if I didnt take responsibility for my own feelings and well being I would always be at the mercy of things that happened to me... self empowerment gave me peace understanding and self acceptance...unconditional love is also a byproduct of self empowerment at its best.... thank you for sharing...

No bluebells - he didn't have the guts to <br />
my Mom spoke on my behalf and i was made to feel on top of the world <br />
by each and every one that day <br />
<br />
Parents applauded my courage<br />
peers looked up to me <br />
and the guys didn't mess up with me anymore<br />
<br />
then on i had good relationships with men except my husband <br />
that of course is another story

jesus, did he say why? how did the people there react?