For Years

Ages 4-6: molested daily by a 14 year old girl who babysat me.

Age 9: molested by a friend of my father.

Age 13: molested and nearly raped by a friend of my mother.

Age 20: raped by an off-duty cop.

Age 24: date raped.

Age 25: raped repeatedly by abusive boyfriend.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Poke them in the eye, knee them in the balls, chop them in the throat, then spray pepper spray in their eyes and up their nose. If you are scared, tell them you would like to play a little game, tie them up and then do all of the above and leave them tied up to contemplate how much fun they had. Stay strong. If all that fails, run them over with your car and say "oops, I didn't see him".

hey looks like u went thru a grinder <br />
Horrible<br />
<br />
ever need a patient ear <br />
am not far away

I'm so sorry. If you want to talk about it, I'm more than happy to listen

wow. thats horrible. just horrible. if u ever need to talk just drop me a line