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We had just arrived in Western Australia after a fun filled 23 hour journey, quite jetlagged in need of rejuvenation when my friends arrived at the airport for the journey to the marina. Our friends were looking hot as was the weather. We said our goodbyes to our new friends we met on our nonstop flight from LA. They are a nice attractive couple from Tokyo who were going to the same fishing tournament as us so we loosened up quite fast. We had seats that faced each other so talking was easy. After many cocktails, the conversation got sexy as we went along. We could tell that everyone took a liking to one another when Oshi, the wife, said she couldn't wait to get out of her winter traveling attire, which she said was restrictive. My wife agreed and pulled up her skirt abit and agreed it was to hot. Then she smiled her cheeky evil smile and said she was glad she wasn't wearing panties. Oshi and her husband both grinded and asked if we enjoyed the mile high club. I said with Christeys body we never miss it. They said us to, and I could feel a bulge growing. At that moment Oshi uncrossed her legs and excused herself, but not before my wife said attractive they both were and knew I couldn't wait to see more for sure because of the fishing tournament. Giro came back with "we still have 12 hours on this plane, and the cabin was almost empty. Hiro and I both smiled and as Chrissy went to join Oshi I said she loves to exhibit and you won't be dissapointed. He came back and said, neither will you. We came to the agreement we were both on the same wavelength. I said I'll quickly show you and plugged my iPhone into the sceen on my seat and brought up a shot of Chrissy partial dressed showing her long curved legs and heels with her breasts tastfully teasing you. Yes, we were on the same wavelength. He asked if there were more videos, and I said after it darkens down abit. After another conversation filled cocktail the girls returned. As Oshi put her garment bag uptop she gave me a view of her long legs riding up to her finely trimmed crotch. She caught my eye and approvingly smiled. The girls switched seats so Chrissy faced him and I Oshi. We ordered another cocktail and the conversation changed to how open or closemined they should expect the others to be. I told them both but when your 100 miles out in international waters anything can happen, and they could certainly hang with us, adding our group was very openminded and into alternative lifestyles. Chrissy and I had to explain that a little and found that was what they always look for. I asked chrissy to show them a video from some of the activities which need no translation. When the room got darker we started the tape which showed 8 couples in different states of dress when heard them both say we live the same lifestyle thankgoodness. At that point Chrissy started massaging his leg as I smiled and watched as she spread her legs for my viewing pleasure. Part2 comeing

Slitsharer Slitsharer
Mar 13, 2009