Public Wrecking

We were heading for falmouth having returned recently from abroad. We lived on board so all our precious posessons were on board.

We decided to call into a smaller harbour first as we were out of tea bags and wanted a cuppa before manouvering in to the larger harbour. It was a hot summers day in August and the beach was crowded with holiday makers enjoying the sun. Having rowed ashore for the shopping, we were relaxing on deck with said cuppa,. a  local lady swam out to the boat to warn us that an easterly wind was forcast. That particular bay is open to the east and can get rather rough.  The swell started to roll in almost immediatly. although the anchor was steadfast, i wasnt happy being on a lee shore and insisted that we up the anchor and get to the shelter of Falmouth. Hubby wasnt too happy about it, but i insisted. So having put the sails up, we uppud the anchor only to have the wind die completly on us.  We had no engine so was totally reliant on sail power. unfortunatly the swell taking us towards the rocky foreshore was much stronger than the bit of wind there was.

We tried dropping the anchor again but to no avail. before we knew it, the huge concrete boat was stuck between two rocks. As badluck would have it, the tide was dropping so we attempted to put a leg on the seaward side of the deck,  to  keep her upright, but that was caught by a big wave which put the metal leg through the side of the hull just below the deck.

The tide went out and we were well and truly stuck, the boat leaning towards the receding sea at an alarmiing angle.

we were well looked after by the locals. An elderly lady gave us a room for 2 weeks, and became a local celebrity for a while.

 when the tide came back in, it filled the boat up and when it went out again, it took many of our belongings with it.

Local fishermen tried to refloat her for us but it was a futile task. At the end of the day, we had no choice but to accept our beloved boat and home was a complete write off. The local harbour master comendered it from us and it was finally towed away to be scrapped.

12 years on almost to the day, i no longer sail or have any desire to. Having said that i enjoy the ferry ride to Falmouth.. its much safer.

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That was a very interesting and well-told tale of sail! Quite the experience!!