When I Was 11

When I was little. I always wanted a horse or at least to rent one. So my birthday was on a monday 5th of september and I got lot's of presants. But then,
I started getting weird things like a halter, grooming kit and a new saddle cloth. 

I was so confused with what was going on. Then, on saturday, I took all my things that I got on my birthday. My friends knew what was going on, but they didn't tell me.

Then at about 8:30 am. I went back to the stable and was given a note. So, I read it and it said that I was renting my favorite horse called ace. The note said

" dear Maddy
   Happy birthday and congradulation
   If your womdering what this licence is for, well it's for
   you to keep to keep as you are now renting ace.


   From Wendy and all the coaches"

I ran to the stables and I saw ace with a bow around his neak.
Ace then started to hug me and I was crying for joy and all my friends were laughing. I was called over to were we would have morning tea, and all I saw was presants and a cake. That was the best day of my life
Princess13II Princess13II
May 23, 2012