That You Had the Nerve

to after all the pain you put me through you write me on myspace and ask for my # you as$hole it took me a year to get over you now you come crawling back you said you realized how much of a mistake you made by never givng me a chance i told you i was good for more then just ******** so no you cant have my # go **** yourself im shocked you thought id still want anything todo with you

justjessica justjessica
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 17, 2008

I hope That U R Smarter Then That He's A Looser

WHEW! THAT'S tellin him! YOu go girl! :) I could take lessons off your "in your face, knucklehead" approach! lol

My ex online squeeze made an appearance on one of my car clubs. He dropped in to downgrade a me and a friend of mine. He's as rude as he ever was.