I Was Short Multiple Times On My Chest By Robbers

Dear Friends,

I want to share my experience which I had few weeks back. I went to india for vacation at my grandma's house. They are very old so they cant walk. so i was taking care of them for few days. I was sleeping at home that night. suddenly I heard some noise in downstairs. I went down to see whats happening. When I switched on the light I was shocked to see 4 persons in my house. They were stealing things from the house. My grand parents was sleeping at that time and they dindnt knew it. One person came running and slapped my face very hard and threatened to kill me if I shout. They then tied me with the pillar. They then stealing things. One robber was standinf near me and pointing his gun towords me. I was scilently crying. i could not do anything. But when they left they came near me and told me that they dont want me to become witness for their robbery and they are going to kill me. I screamed and begged them not to shoot me but in ven. They shot me multiple times on my chest. I could not express the pain in words. It was unbearble. I screamed very hard.. by hearing noise people came in form houses came to my house by breaking it but they managed to escape before they entered.

They shot me with .22 calliber bullet wich was later told by police man. The bullets pierced my chest one by one and went deep iinside my chest. Blood was shattered on my face floor and everywhere. I lost my conscience before the third bullet pierced me on my body. That bullet pierced my chest and exit through my back. That did more damage to my body.

Neighbours took me to the nearby hospital and they did heart transplatation later. Because of that I am alive by now. First when the bullet pierced me it was just a mild pain just like a spanking, but the pain intensified in seconds and it was like hell. When the second bullet pierced me, it was death like pain to me and it was blood blood everywhere arround me. I saw a big big holes on my body and blood was coming out. I was drenched in blood everywhere. after that I lost my conscience. I didnt feel anything when the third bullet pirced my body, I just felt a jerk and felt the blood coming out. and I saw myself lying in bed in hospital when I gained my conscience.

I thank all the friends who prayed for me.
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i am lost for words

Wow, I am so, so sorry to hear that. That must have been one of the most terrifying, traumatizing things someone could go through. I am so glad that you're okay. I wish you all the luck in the world that you will go on in life and be safe forever. You are so brave.