Shot Again

Two days back when i was walking in my lawn, the robbers who shot me earlier was hiding in my neighbours house. They came to terrace to kill me as i would become eye witness. But one of the security saw him and alerted me. But before I could escape into the house the robber managed to shoot me. I was shot on my legs. Then the guards nabbed the robbers by shooting them. All of them were killed. Later I was taken to hospital and i was discharged today. Though the bullet pierced me again and in spite of the pain, I was glad that the robbers were killed. Now I can go anywhere without fear. Police protection withdrawn from my house.
schoolgirl97 schoolgirl97
18-21, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

wow you are lucky gun crime and killings are getting more and more over here i think it wont be long before the police are wearing them full time like in your country