Was Sissified By 3 Of My Mother's Sisters

Much like bobbie13 above, I wonder what I might have been like if he (my father) would have ever done things with me...rather than working and being gone most of the day...he would leave around 7 A.M. and most days wouldn't be back till around midnight. As an example, I never learned how to hold a baseball bat until I was almost 14...and that was some of the neighborhood kids who showed me how. The only thing he ever managed to teach me was how to drive a car...at 16...and that was constantly laced with comments such as, "You'll never make a driver"...there were times I just wanted to pull over to the curb, hand him the keys, and walk away...but I really wanted to learn to drive.

So I was around 13 aunts most days, and much of any weekend was taken up by 3 of them who taught me to dress up as "their younger sister" with and for them. I have written my story in several other places (example..."I remember when I first dressed as a girl") but the idea was placed in my mind from a very early age (beginning around 5 - or so). On those special weekends, I would be taken to their home by my mother - to attend her church with them - and eventually we would spend it instead with me dressed as a younger girl with them...beginning with the family hand-me-downs (and with 13 older girls there were a lot of family hand-me-downs!). We never got to church...and Mama was never told what was going on...

When I rebelled (boys don't do this!) I got put in the corner...when I tried to escape, got tied into a chair in the corner...at puberty, was trained in oral sex (both giving and receiving) - as a reward for "being good" and dressing up like a good girl should! The combination of being dressed up as a lovely young girl, with an occasional period tied up in a chair, and with oral sex as a reward, put me in the "proper frame of mind" after a while and I began to accept my fate as their "younger sister" who was there to serve them.

Of course, they're ALL (all 13!) gone now, the last and youngest one passing away of Alzheimer's just like her own mother did. There is only one older (than me for a change!) uncle in his mid 90s now living in a nursing home...still alive and kicking...and I am just a sexy senior citizen who dresses up in fetish garb, self-binds and occasionally goes out to walk up and down the sidewalk in front of my townhouse - albeit very late at night or very early in the A.M. - take your pick - teetering quickly back inside whenever a car approaches. and searching the various sites in an effort to find a soulmate, partner, companion, or a playmate - do not want to be alone any longer...
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I grew up in those 50's & 60's and my mom and sis dressed me as a girl too. Not many people understood much about cross dressing then, but a few new it would put a guy in his place if he was punished and made to dress as a girl. I think that is how this all starts and then your branded for life. misscdlee at yawhoo dot com if you need a friend.

Tragic. It is obvious what gender were the persecutors. Funny how the gender that is deemed unnecessary is the one that was doing what they were suppose to do (earning money to support the family). Most of these stories (the fiction ones which this one is not) have the same theme... through an error of judgment and lack of communication the boy ends up being falsely accused and punished.