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In secondary school every year we had a new form teacher.A form teacher took the roll in the morning and before afternoon lessons and also taught one subject during the year.But their main job was to ensure we girls behaved ourselves for our subject teachers and adhered to the rules of the school.If we hadn't the form teacher was the first to know and also the person that decided what punishment might follow after they had finished with you.Because of our schools location detentions were not possible,so instead subject teachers issued lines to girls who had mucked up.Those lines had to be handed to the form teacher the next she knew every time you got them.Now the practise they followed was that no more than two line impositions a term were acceptable...more and it was a slippering on top of the these slipperings were painful and embarrassing because they always occurred just before the end of lunch break while the girls waited to get back to class.So every classmate heard and most saw you getting spanked with the slipper by your form teacher.It was always 12 spanks..then straight to your desk crying and with your bottom stinging madly while she called the class in to get on with the afternoons roll then schoolwork..
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When I was at school, we just got slippered by whichever teacher caught us misbehaving.

Did you get caught very often LyndaR? : (

Quite often. Most weeks I'd be bending over at least once.

What did they usually slipper you for?

Too many different things to say what I usually got the slipper for.

It sounds as though you were quite a handful? Compared to you I can say I was "only" slippered 5 times. I expect you had some teachers who you would have avoided being slippered by, given a choice?

I can't really remember now but I probably beat that in some weeks. I'm fairly sure I did if I include slipperings I got at home. I suppose I was quite a handful. ;)

Some teachers slippered a lot harder than others so I tried to avoid being slippered by them. It wasn't easy though because they were also the ones most likely to use their slippers.

I hadn't really thought about it that way, that teachers who couldn't slipper hard didn't want to show themselves up. That's a good point you make.

A lot of classroom slipperings weren't really all that painful, even from a teacher who could slipper hard. They stung a bit but it quickly wore off. They were more like a token punishment or a final warning before you got it properly.

Some were like that, including most from the PE teachers.

That's true Lynda, as PE teachers' had a more physical presence, hence they could really lay on the slipper. They also tended to require you to touch your toes, probably to encourage you to maintain a level of fitness they believe you should have. Did you find this too?

Yes, they often took their time about it, requiring us to get into an exact position to be slippered. If there was a group of us, we'd often have to bend over in a line and the teacher would go along the line slippering each of us in turn. Usually they'd go along three times giving us 2 strokes each time and we had to say in position until everyone had been given all 6. Not too difficult if there was only 3 of 4 but when it was most of or all the class it was a different matter.

I've never been slippered as part of a group, always solo, but there were often a group slippered. mostly when queuing for the pig swill they called dinner. It must be a trait with PE teachers' Lynda as mine always took their time too, by making sure we were in the correct position from their initial order.

I didn't get many solo slipperings at school, I was usually caught with others. Talking in class resulted in both (or all) parties being called out and there were usually a few of us who hadn't done homework for example.

The PE teachers were the experts with a slipper but there were several other able contenders for the World championships. ;)

It was a method used in lots of schools - slipper in class for minor matters and visit to the head. for more serious ones.

That was usually the case, getting the slipper in class, but I know of some instances where the headmistress used the slipper on the girls' as the main method of punishment.

I've heard of that too - cane for boys and slipper for girls. The idea was to make it look like girls were getting off lightly because the slipper isn't meant to be as severe as the cane. Nobody told my PE teacher about that, a slippering from her could be worse than the cane.

From what I've heard Lynda, a girl getting a slippering from a PE mistress or headmistress was not the soft option some would have us believe. Although the effects are different both the cane and slipper were often a painful punishment.

That's really the point. They made it look like girls were getting off lightly when, in fact, they weren't. In some cases, the girls got a more severe punishment than the boys. It achieved nothing other than to cause ill-feeling.

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what does slippered mean?

did this happen to you very often?

I lost count of the number of slipperings I got at school. Not many days went past without me bending over in front of the class, skirt up, for a few whacks with the slipper across my knickers.

You must have been a very naughty girl at school Ruth, or just very unlucky? I obviously can't speak for you, but perhaps like me, you never really considered the consequence, before breaking a school rule?

I wasn't all that good at obeying the rules and I'm probably not the luckiest person alive either. It could have been worse, I only got the cane three times at school. I was a bit like you too, I didn't consider the consequences of being caught because I didn't plan on getting caught. ;)

Yes Ruth, that was always the problem. lol

Slipperings were quite common at my School as well which was probably at about the same period you were at School.

Was it a question of touch toes or hands on knees or did you have to go over a desk?

I never had a slipper at school, but sometimes at home when I was very young.

At one time the slipper was a common means of discipline. The pain could be just a horrific as using other items such as a cane.

I remember those days well Susan. Form teachers could be very strict. I found out later from one of mine who became a very good frind in later life that it was not just because it became a mattter of pride among form teachers as to who had the best form in terms of behaviour and achievement in the school, but because their standing as teachers suffered if they were deemed by senior management to have a sloppy form.

As an ex-teacher, I agree with you, Susan.

Hi Susan,
You refer to "we" collectively, but were you one of those who didn't adhere to the school rules and received a slippering? Some believe the slipper was a joke punishment, I never laughed though, when I received it.