Form Teacher's Slipper

At our school the form teacher allocated to your class in the 2nd year, remained your form teacher for the duration of your time at school. The first year was an 'assessement' year and was used to put the students into groups of similar ability.

My form teacher was also the head of RE studies and one of the stricter teachers at the school. His preferred weapon for punishments was the slipper but the cane was a close second. Each master had there own cane and classroom canings never got recorded in the school punishment book.

Each morning when he called the class register he would finish by asking all the boys that had been caned the previous day, by other masters or the headmaster, to go to the front of the class and all those would then be slippered by him for a) letting the class down and b) for being stupid enough to get caught. You then took it in turn to bend over and touch your toes whilst he applied chalk to the sole of his trusty slipper. He would then take a run up of about 12 to 14 feet and whack you across your trousered bottom with considerable force. The number of whacks was always double the number of strokes of the cane, so if you had been caned by the headmaster you knew that you would be getting a minimum of 12 whacks with the slipper. I should just add, getting chalk dust out of the seat of your trousers was difficult to say the least and was a visual aide to other pupils so they knew you had been punished.

He slippered pretty hard but the saving grace was that you were 'free standing' ie not bent over a desk, so when the slipper landed on your backside, the force of it would knock you forward. Seemed to hurt a little less than being over a desk with nowhere to 'move into' when the slipper landed. One down side to him taking a 'run up' was that accuracy went out of the window and it was not unusual to get the odd whack across the tops of your thigh's. In addition the force was such that you were often almost knocked of your feet and pretty close to following 'accuracy' out of the window at times. LOL

This strange custom of registration slipperings carried on throughout my school life and there was rarely a day that went by without several pupils getting a taste of the slipper. Obviously some teachers caned harder than others and if you had the misfortune of being caned by one of the harsher masters this next day slippering was felt all the more as the buttocks were still very sore from the previous days punishment.

I was frequently caned at school so got my fair share of morning slipperings from the form master. Sadly I also got slippered by other masters as well so I have a pretty good understanding of its effects on a male backside! You could never escape getting the slipper if you had been caned the previous day, for if you didn't go out to the front after registration you fellow pupils would drop you in it and you then got a second dose following afternoon registration. You just couldn't win at my school!!! LOL

Strangley, these additional slipperings became a bit of a game really and whilst they hurt most of us were only getting 6 to 8 whacks so could take it in our stride. In fact some days the whole procedure was rather lighthearted but of course there were also days when the last thing you needed was 12+ whacks on top of a headmasters they did hurt.............a great deal!
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Sep 20, 2012