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Slippered At School

I was at school in England in the late 1970s and early 1980s and they still had corporal punishment - the cane for the boys and the slipper for us girls. I was quite good academically and usually well behaved so my first experience with the slipper came as a bit of a shock. PE teachers had a reputation for being keen on the slipper and Mrs. Hammond was no exception. She got fed up with girls taking too long to get changed back into their uniforms after the lesson was over and one day she announced that the last girl out of the changing rooms would have to bend over for a whack of the slipper. It was very effective in making us hurry up and, although it was only one whack and not really a serious punishment, no one wanted to be on the receiving end. Well one day I was chatting to my best friend Tracy as we were getting changed and we both suddenly realised to our horror that we were the last girls left in the changing rooms and one of us was going to get the slipper. Tracy made a mad dash for the door leaving me the last one. So I had to bend over in front of the other girls and I got a whack of the slipper across by back side. It didn't half sting !!!! Needless to say I was never again the last one out, although I did have one further encounter with the slipper.
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You say it was your first experience of the slipper. Were there any more?

First experience was always a shock

Yes there was one further experience. I have posted about it here

Bad luck, Sarah! It really, really did sting! I think it was a bit harsh to automatically slipper the last one out because someone has to be last! Did Tracy say anything to you after you'd got the slipper?

My PE teacher never needed to employ tricks like that. By the end of a lesson she would have already slippered several of us anyway.

I think she said "sorry" although there was no need to as it wasn't her fault.

What did you do to get your other slippering?

We had a a slippering for being slow getting to the gym

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IMy mother was the gym mistress. I had the slipper on countless occasions at home and at school.
At home I was caned 40 times 6 strokes every time on my bare bum and I got 2 school canings over the knickers.


I never kept count of the canings and slipperings I got. Bare bum at home and through knickers at school was a common formula.

You were lucky to only get it once!

I was unlucky to get it at all Paul !

Oh I don't know. I got both many times and I was a good pupil. Did you get spanked at home?

I was slippered by my gym mistress several times but just for misbehaviour, not simply for being the last to get changed. My BF and I frequently got it for skiving off games together.

At our school in the 70, s caning was very popular, although pe teachers really enjoyed giving kids a good slippering ,I recieved 6 whacks of the slipper once , and it wasn't really considered a proper punishment, that title was reserved for the dreaded cane.

I was slippered by the PE mistress several times and I thought it was a proper punishment. She could really make it sting! I got the cane off the Headmaster several times too. The cane stung more than most classroom slipperings but a slippering from the PE mistress was a serious matter.

I think PE masters were trained to make slipperings sting like mad. (personal experience of being a recipient speaking 😣 )

That's about all PE teachers are capable of.

Haha, but boy were they good at it.

I once had the slipper of a female student pe teacher who was training at our school for a term. She was a bit all over the place on accuracy, but she was surprisingly hard with the walloping.

The cane was a different pain from the slipper, less area covered but a deeper pain. I found the slipper painful too. It was down to the individual who hit you, and the teacher who slippered me was noted for his expertise in the art. No miss hits, the plimsoll's sole made full contact with my arse. I have seen a few miss hits, but they were rare.

I found the cane gave a more intense sting but the slipper, if used severely, could give a longer lasting duller pain. I didn't see many miss hits either, they were very rare. All my teachers were experts at landing the slipper just right for maximum sting. It must have been all the practice they got. ;)

That's exactly how I found the cane and slipper. Some dismiss the slipper as a soft punishment, which in some cases may have been, but I can assure you my slipperings weren't. I have seen a small minority of boys cry from a slipperings, which is more a reflection of how hard it was delivered. I wouldn't judge someone because some have a higher pain threshold than other's.
When I was slippered it was always done in a measured way, and the teacher grouped the slipper in the same area, probably for maximum effect, on the very rare occasions I saw a miss hit was because the teacher was angry and tended to lose concentration.

All the people I know that were slippered, an old plimsoll was used, I have read in some schools a carpet slipper was sometimes used, I couldn't visualize that being effective? But then I was always slippered with a plimsoll, so I can't make a true assessment.

A lot of classroom slippering I saw and received were fairly soft punishments, more like a final warning. That said, some slipperings were on a par with a caning. A lot depends on how much force is used. I've also seen a minority of boys and girls cry from a slippering.

At school, "the slipper" was always an old plimsoll but I sometimes got a carpet slipper at home. I can assure you a carpet slipper with a good sole, applied to my bare arse, was very effective.

Which slippering was the most painful you ever received, a school or home slippering?

Quite a few of the classroom slipperings were tame affairs, it was my tough luck I was slippered by a teacher who prided himself on getting the maximum effect coupled with living up to his reputation.

In my experience, most classroom slipperings were fairly tame affairs. Just a couple of medium force whacks across the seat of my knickers. At home, the vast majority were a lot more serious , half a dozen or more on the bare (not that knickers give much protection anyway) so, in general, slipperings at home were more painful.

The most painful I can think of, however, was one I got for messing about in the showers after PE. I was slippered as soon as I came out. I was still dripping wet when I had to bend over for six, full force whacks, across my bare arse from the PE mistress.

Without a shadow of a doubt six full force whacks on the bare from a PE mistress would have been very painful indeed. Being a PE mistress in the majority of cases would mean she was physically powerful. Did you manage to stay bent over for the full six? A great deal of rubbish is written that girls can't take a whacking as well as boys. I don't subscribe to this, because it is equally as painful for both sexes, logic dictates this in my opinion.

I was bent over with my hands gripping the sides of a bench. If I'd been free standing I'd probably have been knocked over. I managed to stay in position for all 6 but it was a struggle.

There is some evidence that girls/women have a higher tolerance to pain than boys/men so girls should be able to to take a whacking better than boys. The difference is that boys are expected and under pressure to "take it like a man". Girls, on the other hand, are expected to break down in tears and learn, very quickly, that turning on the waterworks can often allow them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Personally I despise women who do that because they play right into the misogynists' hands.

Staying down while being slippered that hard is an achievement. The pain had to be intense? I was always slippered touching my toes which caused me to shuffle forward on each stroke, and over trousers it was still painful.

Going to an all boys school I wish I had a pound for every time I heard that expression "take it like a man." Always spoken by those dishing out the whacking's. Did you witness many girls "turning on the waterworks"?

It was a very painful slippering, that's why I was gripping the sides of the bench seat. As the pain built, it just caused me to grip the bench more tightly. I doubt I could have taken it just touching toes - even if I hadn't been knocked over by the force.

I saw a few girls try the waterworks trick a few times. It rarely worked and they tended to be shunned and made fun of by us "tough girls".

As you gripped the sides of the bench, my wife gripped the chair legs she was bending over as she too was slippered. She was slippered over her knickers, that offered no protection. White knuckles and a red arse comes to mind. :)

Whether women have a higher pain threshold than men is debatable, what isn't is the fact the theory a girl wasn't able to withstand severe school CP is pure nonsense.

I suppose some girls used the water works as a defence mechanism, as some boys would have done if they could have got away with it.

I did have to bite my tongue as I was being slippered, as I do use obscenities as a reaction to pain, or something going wrong. Have you ever let out an obscenity as you were slippered?

Individuals have individual pain thresholds so saying one sex has a higher threshold than the other is nonsense really. I only threw that in to show how ridiculous the idea that men have a higher pain threshold than women is.

I've seen boys (and girls) cry when they got the type of slippering that most others (boys and girls) would just laugh off. Other boys and girls could take a really severe slippering or caning with hardly a murmur.

A boy who cries when facing a slippering is a "big baby", a girls who cries is "showing contrition". Double standards or what? You can judge how sexist teachers were by something that was pointed out to me a few weeks ago. Until they were outlawed, there were two single-sex teachers' trade unions - "The National Association of Schoolmasters" (men only) and "The Union of Women Teachers".

I yelled a bit when getting a severe slippering (or caning) but I managed to avoid uttering obscenities.

I have heard of "The National Association of Schoolmasters" but in all honesty it didn't register with me that is was for men only, even with a name like that. That would have been a breeding ground for one-sided bias coupled with staunch sexists views, vile traits in any society.

I have witnessed first hand the difference a caning and slippering made with a reaction from individual boys. I wasn't really conscious of it myself at the time, but I was told I jumped after each stroke of the slipper whereas some never made a movement. From reliable witnesses that was very much in keeping when a girl received CP, and really, why wouldn't it be?

Whenever we had a classroom slippering you could hear a pin drop. I think it held a fascination for all the class. I think had there been a vote as to letting the victim off, or slipper them, the majority would have voted for the slippering. Would that have been the case at your school?

The class was always fully attentive whenever the teacher called any of us out and picked up the slipper. I think the class would almost always vote in favour of slippering the victim but I know of a few (very few) cases where the class has protested an intended victim's innocence.

Can you remember what you thought the very first time you were called out for a slippering? By this I mean were you embarrassed, or fearful? I felt slightly embarrassed, as all eyes were on you.

I can't really remember now. I wasn't the first in class to be slippered and I think the first time I was called out with another girl. I was probably more fearful, especially when it became clear we were going to get the slipper. I can't remember ever feeling embarrassed at getting it. Sorry I can't be more specific, memory fades with time.

I bet six whacks of the slipper must have stung though ! One was enough for me. It was the cane for boys and the slipper for girls at my school.

I've heard of schools operating that type of policy several times. What was the point? A severe slippering can easily be more painful than a moderate caning. Sexism must have been really ingrained in UK education with teachers even having single-sex trade unions. It was discrimination just for the sake of it.

If a teacher had been like a few of mine the slipper definitely would have been the more painful punishment. If a boy and girl had been caught committing the same offence together the girl could have ended up with a more severe punishment, with a severe slippering, and the boy receiving a moderate caning. The sexist policy then would have backfired. This may have happened on some occasions, that's how ridiculous the "cane for boys and the slipper for girls" policy was.

That's true - especially when you only have knickers for protection.

Would knickers or trousers have made much difference? I very much doubt it. In America they ask the victim to remove anything that's in their back pocket, I, or anyone I know was never asked this. Probably as well as the pocket was only big enough to keep a condom in. : )

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Some friend Tracy was!! It stopped you wondering what getting the slipper was like I suppose, you now have the Tee shirt so to speak. I went to an all boys school where we had just two female teacher's, one taught two subjects, English and PE. She used the slipper (most PE teachers did) I never received a slippering from her, I was slippered 5 times in total though. You are right it did bloody well sting.

Thanks for the comment. Tracy was a great friend but no way was she going to save me from the slipper by getting it herself ! Can\'t say I blame her.

You both had a 50-50 chance of getting through the door first, it was just unfortunate you were last. Before you were slippered had you ever wondered what it was actually like, from witnessing all the other girls\' get the slipper? I did and I found it stung more than I had envisaged.

Yes I had wondered what it was like. It certainly stung but, fortunately for me it was just one whack, not a serious punishment but enough to make sure I didn\'t get it again though !

You are correct PE teachers did have reputations of using the slipper. I say slipper, but it was usually a plimsoll. Out of the 5 slippering I received 4 were from the same PE teacher. Twice he used his own, which were the most painful, being a heavier type of plimsoll, then the other twice he asked a boy to remove his, which they couldn\'t get them off their feet fast enough.

Was your best friend Tracy ever given the slipper?

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At our first indoor PE lesson at secondary school, this was 1962, the teacher announced that we were too slow changing and that from now on last one in the gym would receive one smack with the slipper he was holding. We also were then told that there would be random kit inspections and that anyone he failed would also get one smack.
When you arrived in the gym you had to sit down in a designated area, last one in gym was then bent down bottom facing you and given his punishment.
When there was kit inspection you had to line up in the gym, last one in gym then again bent in front of you and smacked and then joined end of line
Following kit inspection those who passed told to sit and those who failed stood on line to be bent down bottoms facing us and given their punishment, sometimes last in gym got one slipper, then failed kit inspection and had to bend down in front of everyone who passed, and get one more.At our first indoor PE lesson the teacher announced that we were too slow changing and that from now on last one in the gym would receive one smack with the slipper he was holding. We also were then told that there would be random kit inspections and that anyone he failed would also get one smack.
When you arrived in the gym you had to sit down in a designated area, last one in gym was then bent down bottom facing you and given his punishment.
When there was kit inspection you had to line up in the gym, last one in gym then again bent in front of you and smacked and then joined end of line
Following kit inspection those who passed told to sit and those who failed stood on line to be bent down bottoms facing us and given their punishment, sometimes last in gym got one slipper, then failed kit inspection and had to bend down in front of everyone who passed, and get one more.

A slipper across your bottom in the PE changing room was almost a universal experience in England for kids in the 50's to 70's
Ouch did it sting!

I'm surprised my PE mistress didn't do that. She didn't miss many opportunities to use her slipper but she only slippered us for actual misbehaviour, even if it was only very minor.

Hi Judy. Thanks for commenting. My PE teacher wasn't so bad actually. She did use the slipper quite a bit but it was usually girls who didn't make an effort or misbehaved badly who ended up on the receiving end of her slipper.

We had a kit inspection line up; failure (dirty kit, wrong kit, missing kit) was punished.