Concert I'll Never Forget

well i was 18 years old when this happened.well my cousin got me front row tickets to a trina concert ft. lil kim,missy elliot,timberland,and and others.well as lil kim and trina were rappin i got pulled up on stage.they were dancing and grindin on me i was in heaven.lil kim undid my shorts and let them fall to the stage floor my heart was beatin hard and that wasnt all that was hard.lil kim saw my **** was hard no hidin it when your in boxerbriefs.she saw my hardon and started rappin and grindin against me rappin about puttin a big **** to work on this *****.she turned and faced me.trina was at my side she ran her hand over my bare chest then down my stomache.then she slid her hand under my boxerbriefs and slowly stroke3d my penis.i cam in like 5 strokes they both laughed then trina started singin her song "minute man".i was led off the stage after the song in shame.i havent been to a concert since
casper27 casper27
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

it wasnt what i thought was gonna happen