I believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason. Whether they are the Villian or the Hero they should all be appreciated in some way. I met a man a couple of years ago that I fell for who turned out to be my "Villian." I thought he was troubled and angry over the separation of his child's mother so I didn't put much thought into his aggressive behavior. Then he took another turn for the worse and started indirectly attacking me. I was confused and thought "Well, if he wants to play games then he met his match because I am highly intelligent and I hate defeat." So the game began. He cyber bullied me with a group of people for about 2 years EVERYDAY. They failed! I was a little sad of course at times that he could be so cruel but I am emotionally strong so I shook it off. The sad truth behind our acquaintance was that it was escalating and I underestimated the dark soul that he was. He couldn't defeat me with words so he physically took my body (rape) and then another time recently he had another man help him try to trap me down a dead end road miles out in the country. You know where that would have went? I later heard that I was suppose to be tied to a tree there and who knows what they would have done. I was smart enough to know it was coming and at the last minute I got free. It was a close call though. Because of my emotional strength and intelligence I can take the power of others away from them and that's what people hate the most. I don't run around playing games with people but if it's brought to my table then I will fight back to defend myself. I have never met a man in my life that hates me as much as this man does. It's not even a normal hate. It's like a Michael Myers-no empathy and no sympathy hate. I remember looking into this man's eyes before and them having a sense of hollowness (void) to me. I thought he was troubled but in all actuality he is pure EVIL. These people DO exist just like my Psych Professor tried to warn me about. It's ironic that I met THIS man because the grace of God saved me from my demise by his hands in order for me to have that experience. Should I smile at the blessing? I think so! I think it's time for me to move on now and study harder and use what I have experienced to hopefully save many people by teaching them about pre-incident indicators and helping people who have been through trauma to sort through their confusion. Yeah! My life has forever changed by a man that I was fortunate or some would think less fortunate to meet. :)
Neutrino38 Neutrino38
36-40, F
Jul 24, 2010