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Thanks, For Stopping By

The road of life has its twists and turns
a winding road - once sung
a detour mine has been
so far, full of surprises.
Yet, when I met you
it was as if we were at a rest stop
we come from all directions
we sit and chat
get to know one another
giggle cry and try to give and take what we can learn
from one another.
Not for seeing how long our ride together will be
we can relate
as Joni Mitchell once sang:
"You turn me on, I'm a radio"
and like a station our signal can come in strong and clear
but the road takes its toll
it can be rough or smooth
and the station signal can fade
in the form of weeks months or years.
all could end in a moment without notice
outcome unknown
But while you are here, right now, reading this
know that 'I love you'
be well,
and thanks, for stopping by.

bemyvalentine bemyvalentine 56-60, F 2 Responses Nov 12, 2011

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I do understand that so well. Life's journey, so interesting and adventurous. Thanks so much for sharing.

A pleasure to stop by and read once again the words you write telling a story and yes happens so many times wherever I am I talk to people of all walks of life and when I have been fortunate enough to travel. Have met incredible people some simuliar to me and yet some sooo different. Interesting.