A Little Bit Of Simplicity.

I made my Friend smile today. A stupid gesture of mine really. Today after I came home. I had noticed earlier this morning that my friend thought this new energy drink I had, looked really interesting.[She obviously wanted one!] I got it fairly cheap because its new to the stores. She seemed to think it was a lot healthier then other name brands. Which is true, it has way less scary looking chemicals then other energy drinks. Yet, come on..its an energy drink..none are healthy.

So lately I've been teasing her a lot playfully. She says I'm mean. Which in a sense is true but, I'm never insanely mean and most of the time she just jokes about it. So I decided to be nice today! :]

After I got home I felt like bringing her an energy drink but not in a normal way. I took one out of my fridge and wrote a note.

On a little slip of paper I wrote

'Felt like being nice today.'

I drove over to her house and stuck the note onto the can, rushing towards her doorstep to put it in place. Leaping dramatically back to my car. I drove away smiling. When I arrived home I texted her
ME: 'Hey, go outside its such a lovely day!'
Her: 'Umm maybe later...'
ME: Getting irritated ' I have a mission for you! Go outside and spot something orange and gray. Go go go go!" Which was the cans colors.
Her:haha ok ok ok
ME:Ok, right out your door!
Her: I'm not home! lol
ME:*face palm* 'Where are you?'
Her: at a friends.
ME:Ok..when you get home spot something orange and gray..although it might explode!
Her:What is it a bomb?lol
ME:Kinda, if it gets to hot. BOOM!!
her:what?! why would you put something like that by my house?!
ME:I dont know, I felt spontaneous. Like being an *** jerk. It'll smell when it explodes...[trying to delude her from the little surprise.]
Me: Yeah..I'm completely serious to.
Me: Learned it from google! [as if it were a stink bomb or something odd.]
Her:...don't talk to me..thats really mean.

About a half hour later...

Her: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Your such a great friend!

Thought this was something very nice to do ^ ^'' So I had to share the experience. Hope you enjoyed the story.
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great story of two friends!!!!