My Aunt Baby Sitter

from a very early age my aunt used to baby sit me. some of my earliest memories are being in the bath in her house with her twin daughters, who were 3 years older than me. any evening that i would stay there we would all bath together before getting ready for bed and think nothing of it as we were just kids. whenever my aunt said it was time for a bath the girls and i would just remove our clothes and run upstairs to the bathroom. we just about fitted in the bath together and had great fun splashing about. i remember one occasion when i was about 8 when my aunt came in to the room and we splashed her dress. annoyed she told us to stop and unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. she hung her dress on the radiator and stood there in her underwear which at the time in the 60's was stockings and suspenders. i was very fascinated by it and remember having a strange feeling in my groin. i also couldn't help but notice the dark area showing through her white nylon knickers.

as usual one by one she would get us out of the bath and towel us down. first the girls got out, i loved watching as my aunt's large breasts heaved around in her bra as she moved about and the suspenders stretched up her thighs as she bent over. i got out the bath and she began rubbing me with the towel as usual, only this time something was different. my little penis was sticking up. when my aunt noticed she smiled which for some reason felt good. by the the time she had finished my little penis was sticking straight up into the air. she told me to join the girls downstairs to put on my pj's. i went downstairs and the girls had already put their pj's on. i dropped the towel around my waist and straight away they noticed that my little penis was sticking up, they both giggled and laughed just as my aunt joined us. she told the girls off for embarrassing me and told them it was just a natural body function. once again the girls giggled.

soon after that we moved away for a few years cos of my dad's work but returned for me to go to secondary school.

one evening i was dropped at my aunt's again and everything seemed to be as it was. she told me the twins were out and would be back later. just as it used to be she told me she was going upstairs to run the bath and i should follow. i walked into the bathroom in my clothes so she told me to get undressed and get in. i turned with my back to her and took off my clothes wondering if she realized that i had now developed and had a hairy fully grown man's penis, but she just continued like she always had done. i got in the bath and she left saying she'd be back soon. she returned with a big bath towel and asked me to get out. as i stood up i kept one of my hands over my penis but she said not to be shy as she has been bathing me since i was a baby and she liked bathing me and looking after me. she started behind me and dried my back and then asked me to lift my arms so she could dry under my arms, i had no choice and did what she said. she then crouched down and started drying my legs from behind and then moved around the front. as she crouched down again i couldn't help but notice that in order to crouch down she had to let her skirt ride up which went way above the tops of her stockings and suspenders. as she towelled up and down my legs my penis was bouncing around all over the place and slowly getting harder. i went to cover it again but she smiled and said not to be shy and put my hands back by my side. my auntie told me to turn around so she could dry my bottom properly. she said to spread my cheeks which i did and she dried around my anus. oh my she said inspecting the towel, i'm afraid your little bottom isn't clean properly. she showed me the brown stains on the towel. i apoligized and was so embarrassed. not to worry auntie said just stay like that and i'll clean it properly for you. she ran the wash basin and soaped up her hands, keep your cheeks spread she said and started rubbing her warm soapy hands around my anus area. on one side i could have died but in another way i was in heaven. she rinsed me clean and then continued to dry me between the legs. she then asked me to turn back around so she could finish, which i did. as i turned my penis was bobbing up and down and to my surprise she just grabbed hold of it and carefully pulled my foreskin back and dried my penis area. i was now so excited that my penis was rock hard and throbbing. when she let go the head just stayed sticking out as i now had a full erection. wow! she said, you have a really nice big penis, just like a man's, i am very surprised that you are so developed already. i told her that it was the first time i had been so erect and it felt amazing. that's great she said, now go downstairs and put your pj's on.

feeling very proud i ran downstairs naked enjoying the feeling as my erection bounced around infront of me. my aunt said she'd be down soon. i went into he lounge where my pj's would normally be on the sofa, but they weren't. then a voice made me jump as it said, looking for these, i turned around to see the twins there holding my pj's. their eyes quickly focusing on my  throbbing erection. almost together they said on my god you've changed, wow! it's so big now. they laughed and giggled teasing me, waving the pj's in the air. i tried to cover my penis but it was sticking out so much i couldn't do it. my aunt called out asking what was going on but the girls said nothing. my aunty then asked them if her black dress was still on the ironing board, to which they replied yes. i could hear my aunty coming down stairs and wondered what to do as the twins still wouldn't give me my pj's. i just stood there trying to cover myself as she walked in the room. much to my surprise she was just in her undies as she was getting changed into her dress she had just ironed. she had on a longline black bra with matching suspender belt and tan stockings. her panties were sheer and tight and clearly showed off her large bushy pubic triangle. it looked amazing.

when she realized what was going on she told the girls off and said they were cruel. they gave me the pj's and i ran upstairs very embarrassed into my aunts bedroom. a few seconds later she came through the door to see if i was ok. the sight of her in her stockings  and suspenders was too much for me and i started wan*ing. she told me not to be shy as it was just natural to be turned on and she walked towards me smiling. i sat on the side of the bed and was really going at it fast and furious. wow she said you must be really turned on as she stood just infront of me. she told me that i cant make a mess in her room so to be careful. she cupped her hands infront of my penis and told me to *** in them. ok i said i will try. with that i told her that i could feel myself starting to c*m, come on then she said giggling but instead of sh**ting into her hands a long jet of splodge shot into the air and landed all over her. oh my god she said, so much c*m all over me and within seconds removed all her clothes. the sight of her massive bushy triangle and large breasts made me wild and i continued to wa*k as i was still hard. she was still laughing and said she couldn't believe how much splodge i shot out and with that i told her i had some more coming. my aunt quickly wrapped her panties around my erection and tugged my erection a few times, i quickly came a second time filling her panties with alot more slodge. wow she said that was alot, now can we have tea. we laughed and went downstairs to join the girls.




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I appreciate the fact you and your aunt did nothing more than look and touch by hand, that seems realistic. Often times when the experiences go further, they begin to seem unrealistic and fantasy-like (made-up). Life, real life, curious life, should be good enough for us and telling it truthfully will be the most educational and helpful to those reading these posts.

like your story

You have a nice family...

i wish my penis was big