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Spanked & Diapered

I'm a guy, 15 and still a chronic bedwetter who is made to wear diapers to control it (pin-on prefold cloth with plastic pants- When I was thirteen, the busybody mother of another bedwetter convinced my mom that regular spankings would help me to stop. Every morning that her thirteen year old son Kevin woke up in wet diapers, he would be cleaned up and then spanked with a leather strap. Ten strokes per wetting.

My mom adopted a variation. She got me a calendar, and each morning my step brother (he's three months younger than me) would be reponsible for determining if I was wet or dry, and then marking it on the calendar. 'W' or 'D' (There were always a lot more 'W's.) Then, on Saturday evening before being diapered for the night, I would receive five strokes (with a leather strap) for each wetting the in the past week. I was made to lean over my change table (just a modified work table) to receive the punishment on my bare backside. It was very humiliating waiting for my spanking to begin, knowing that diapers would follow. It was also quite painful. Of course when I complained that I was too old to be spanked, the reply was since I was not too old for diapers, I was not too old to be spanked either. And once in my diapers each night, I wasn't allowed to cover up my plastic pants. My mom called it 'creative shaming'. It was hard when my brother had friends over, or when we had other visitors.

On rare occasions when my mother was unavailable, my spanking was administered by my step brother, which in some ways was worse, as he did it with such enthusiasm, and didn't care if a friend (or even his girlfriend) was present. I was ridiculed and teased relentlessly.

Finally, after about a year without improvement (the spankings probably made my wetting worse), my mom gave up, although she still insists on diapers, and I still get teased by my bro and his dumb friends. But I wear sweats over my diapers now. It's still kind of obvious that I'm wearing diapers, but it's an improvement. Girls are always the first to notice that I have diapers on under my sweats, maybe because they deal with babies more than guys.

bedwetterbrad bedwetterbrad 16-17, M 8 Responses Dec 18, 2009

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In some way guys are still just babies

I have worn diapers and plastic panties every night since I was 12. My step mother always punished my step sister and I with spanking with a strap, a switch or for really bad offenses, with a cane. We were usually punished on friday night in front of each other. If I had already been diapered I'd have to take the plastic panties and diaper off and then bend over the desk. She always made us ask to be whipped and with how many strokes. If she thought it was not enough she added some. After the spanking I'd have to say "thank you for punishing me with the strap" or whatever it was. Then she'd put the diaper and plastic panties on me again. When we were visiting relatives my aunt was always told to use the strap if she had to. I'd have to bring my strap.....she had a different one for my step sister...and give it to my aunt. I was also to tell her that when I was to receive a beating I was to take off my plastic panties and diaper first. This happened plenty of times. I almost always deserved the strapping.

I'm very sorry for the way you treated I do'nt belive in spanking for something you have no control of . I was beaten for it read many of my stories esspecialy spanked by stranger

Hello Brad <br />
My guess youre about 17 now are you wetting the bed ? if so do'nt sweat it i'm in my 60 s still do.and I have two sons 26& 23 both do as far as spankings goes i dont belive you should be spanked for some thing you can't help. diapers yes you should wear them with plastic pants and thats the way my boys were rasised if they used the protection we provided them then there was no problem if they chose not to use the diapers and plastic pants then you got a spanking not wetting but for being lazzy it worked out pretty well ,my oldest at about 15 felt he was to old to diapers that lasted about week after he realized it was better then the belt but as i said they never spanked just because they wet the bed and yes it was never hidden from them that i was a wetter and used diapers

i had one foster mom that spanked me for wetting at nights. she thought it would help remind me not to do it. i really did try hard to learn to stay dry but it felt so awful to have to be punished all the time because i was such a bad kid i finally ran away.

Hi Brad! It is just plain wrong for you to get spanked for messing yourself. It is nothing but abuse & really should be reported to the police. I hope your situation will improve someday. Please take care of yourself & have a very nice day.<br />

how do you still wet the bed?

I'M a 18 year old male and still in diapers for wetting and yes i still get the leather belt on my bare backside .this is usaly done in the evening my father will ask if iwet my self i say my self because i have day timme acciddents as well as wetting the bed if the answer is yes i'm ordered to takeoff mypants give him my belt and bend the chair because this usaly done in the family room in front of my 3 sisters and my 3brothers and who ever else is there at the time this has been explained to as part of the punishment to embarrass me my pants are taken off and shirt lift to i'm in full view and so if i run i do'nt trip every saturday and sunday in the house i'm only to wear diapers and plastic pants so any body that comes can see me .iam not allowed to change my self i told as long as i wear a diaper because i do'nt use toilet like anybody my i will be treated like a baby .so embarrassing to make things sometimes about 1 a monuth i have a bowel movement acciddent and boy do iget it then i have my face rubbed in it i have other issusees i working on so i can get out here