14 Spanked By Stranger

When i was 14 we went on vaction and were staying overnight in a motel .my father warned me not to dare wet the bed or i would get the beating of my life not like i had any control over it any way . nothing to drink after 5pm he took me the bathroom made me stand there for a 1/2  hour and i peed all that stuff I i as a very heavy wetter and wet servel times a night .my mother double diapered me made sure i had my rubber pants on well in the morning as always i was soaked and so was the bed well as always they leaked  .well my father kept his word and i'm sure everybody for miles around knew that i dennis a 14 old year old boy wet his bed . he took off my pants and layed into my bare butt with the leather belt .that was'nt enough for to further embarrass me when we checked out he made me tell the owner that i wet the bed  the man told my father he would  have to pay for the damages and we would have go back to the room to see how bad it was .i was already very embarrassed having to tell the man i at 14 wet the bed .then the man 
 said it's a good i was'nt his he take me out back to the wood shed give me good fashioned bare butt whiping my father told that has already been done but he think that another one was in order .i could not belive my ears he going to give me another beating with that he ordered to take my pants  off and get in poistion i tried pleading with him not here now in front of a stranger


i was told to do it or else so i took my pants off lifted my shirt and layed face down on the bed now i realy could'nt belive it when he gave the belt to the man and told him that since it was his bed he should adminster the punishment the  owner asked how many my father told him 25 good hard swats so i got second beating of the the make matters worse i wet and messed in the bed while get my second beating for that my father rubbed my face in it the thing i guess is the man did not charge my father. said i payed for the damage

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this happened when i was 14 , i'm now in my 60's i wore cloth diapers and rubber pants but because i was a very heavy wetter and wet several times a night they leaked and yes i found out years later that yes my father was a bedwetter and the beating i were as he got from his father. today i wear disp. pullups and plastic pants

Hi there seem to be alot of comments on this situation, I am from the older group, and do remember the spankings did go on. And i understand how you felt, as a 14 year old boy. In those older day there was no understandings on the subject. i am going to tell you, that often the father or his family member wet the bed also. So your father may have wet the bed also. That was generally the case. I suggest try a heavy cloth diaper and a good pair of plastic pants on at night and a rubber or plastic sheet on the bed, and that will help. I hope i have showen some light on this situation and comments that you have received, the lack of understanding, instead of constructive comments and advise would be more appropriate here. like to be your friend and help Bruce.

I found it very embarrassing and no i was not babied. nor did enjoy my fathers beatings

F U userdave1335 the stands it is as true as true can be . you can what ever you want but was there and lived it. i think youre the one that living in la la land

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This story has to a fantsy like your father going to just stand there and let some onelse beat your bare *** yea tell another. LIAR LIAR PAQNTS ON FIRE


then im sorry i didnt want to call you a lier i wasent there and you butt felt the touch but it seemed like there were holes but anyways sry that it still happening and that it did happened hope you get better

WELL YDKM you are wrong very wrong i do not lie and i did not leave any thing out i was and still ama heavely wetter and the procetion goes they and always did and to this day it's not none common to have leakage and if you ever wore them because NEED to you would that and understand that and as far as the medical you talking almost 50 yrs ago they were told i would grow out of well i did'nt and still wet my bed and now 60 yrs old and my father was very very hard on us growing up we got the belt on the bare butt and it did'nt matter what eveybody else thought it was what he thought if he we needed a spanking a spanking is what we got and if do not belive it then do'nt but do''nt even refer that i not telling the truth especialy when you do'nt know me only what i've written theres a lot more to me then i have written about

so on the second spanking you took a crap and peed on the bed while you were getting spanked?<br />
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then how was it possible with all that protection you still were able to soak the bed eve tho you didnt have any drinks after 5 pm and you stood and waited to **** before you went to bed and still managed to soak through everything and wet the bed bad enough that your father had to pay damages. <br />
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im not saying your story is worng or anything but there has to be something you left out ? or if not then you probaly needed the spanking cuz seriously either in was in the middle of the night and you couldent help it.... or you have a medical problem in which case your parents wouldent have spanked you.

If this istrue sound like the kind my father would do i get belt beating daily for bedwetting and dose'nt care where or when or whos there at at the time