Diapered For Wetting

when i would stay at my grand parents place i was always diapered before bed well 7pm most nights and i f i resisted i would be leather then diapered so noo way to rub your sore *** once diapered and when you peed yourself it stung even more

bedwetterr bedwetterr
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You would have been treated the same by me if you were staying at my house. Your grand mother was only doing what was sensible given that you were a bed wetter.

In my house im the youngest and it's just me and my older sister so I get everything I want pretty much, so I'm a spoiled brat and don't listen and I do what I what when I want in my house and if I dont like what my parents tell me I scream and/or yell until I get my way.

If you were mine you would'nt be spoiled . After i layed in your backside a couple times .

I can't really say much to this comment because slot of people told me that I need my hinen busted good but for real I'm 16 and so wuping me really wouldn't work.

Yes it would, if it was done right by using a cane, paddle or a belt.

So if I was yours, what would you do to me to "make it work"

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year kids today get it so easy in my day it did nt matter who was in the house if dad told you to bring him the blet then you did and you new what was to happen

I have never really wore diapers besides when I was a baby, but a few weeks ago I was staying with my friend brittany for a few days, and she is several years older than me and more like another mom. Well I got mad at her and started yelling and screaming and she told me that if I wanted to have a temper tantrum like a 2 year old she would treat me like one whole I was staying with her. So she took my phone and iPod and stuff and made memory down on her bed she took off my clothes and paddled my bare butt (and she has busted my butt many times before when she saw fit) and then she put me in diapers, she babysits so she has alot of baby stuff, and then she put me in pajamas and I had to use the diapers and drink pit of bottles and be put in the play pen and everything, and everytime I was changed she spanked me. I am 16 so I found it humiliating, but needless to say I learned my lesson because peeing in a diaper with a blistered butt doesn't fell to grand.

yeap diaper514 i can so relate specailly on sunday morings

Im 57 and that was the way it was with me growing I was diapered by mother and beaten bare with the leather belt i left home at almost 25 and no they did not care when nor who was there my father seemed to enjoy having a audence but as was said earlyier thats the way it was you had no choice

I do understand oh how do i understand my father has beaten my naked butt more times then i can count and like you guys it does'nt when where or who there .i have had it done in front strangers friends & family

yes kids today do not understand if yo were going to be leather you were leather know matter who was around always naked

and yes how i hated being diapered i was diapered by my mother until i left the house at 18 the rule was as long i was baby enough to wet the bed then iwas a baby enough for my mother to diaper

the kids today do'not unstand what it was like you did what you were told when you were told or your bare bottom would have a meetting with the leather belt and at least my father did care and it dii'nt matter where or when who how was there i was told to take down my pants and underpants i had to do it or it was done for me.