Spanking Jaye

I am an only child. My parents were divorced when I was very young (before I started school). My father moved far away and was absent from my life. When I turned 12, my mother married Ed, the man she’d been dating for two years. I really liked Ed. He was a grammar school principal and well liked by everyone. He did not live with us until he and my mother married. 

My mother is great – she always put me first, and sometimes, I admit, I did take advantage of that. She would buy me toys and clothes and nice things I wanted. Ed was also nice – he and my mom always made birthdays and Christmases so great. We were very happy together.

 When they got married and Ed moved in, it was two months after my 12thbirthday – and I was dealing with puberty. I started talking back to mom and Ed, getting a little lazy with chores, etc. They would respond with groundings or taking away something of mine – all routine punishments.

 I was in 7thgrade that year – and the 7th-8thgrade dance was coming up. I was very excited about it – it was my first dance. The week before the dance, a few of my girlfriends came over and we decided to practice putting on makeup. My mother told me I couldn’t wear makeup until I was 15. But she and Ed were out, and I got caught up with my friends and soon we were putting on the lipstick and eye-shadow and blush that they’d “borrowed” from their mothers. I even snuck into my mother’s dresser and took some mascara and an eyelash curler (I didn’t even know how to use it!). We were having a ball. We all looked so good!

We washed the makeup off before mom and Ed came home. But we wanted to test it out at school. So we brought it to class the next day, and spent lunchtime putting it on again. We went through the afternoon all made up. We got lots of attention – it was so much fun!

 Unfortunately, my teacher didn’t appreciate it. She must have called our parents. A few of them were waiting for us when the bell rang – before we could get to the bathroom to clean our faces. My mom was in the hall as I came out.  I will never forget the look on her face – shock, anger, sadness all rolled into one stare. My friends were all scared too because they weren’t allowed to wear makeup either. The party was over!

 Mom drove me home in silence. I wish I could say I felt sorry – but I was just mad at her for embarrassing me. Once we got home, she sent me upstairs to the bathroom to wash my face. She told me to wait in my room until Ed got home. He came home about an hour later. They both came up to my room.  I was still angry – I started arguing with her that it wasn’t fair, I should be able to wear makeup on special occasions, that my friends were allowed to do it (yes, I lied) – I was going on and on, and finally my mother said loudly “STOP.” I did stop but my expression was still angry. Hers was too. She was quiet for a moment, and then she asked me “Jaye, did I tell you that you could not wear makeup until you were 15?” I started arguing again with her, but she held up her hand and said quietly “don’t make this worse. Answer me.” Her tone made me nervous, so I said “Yes, you did.” Then she asked “Did you disobey me?” “Yes” I said. She looked at Ed, and then back at me. Then she told me “Ed and I talked about this, and we both feel it’s very serious. I am angry and disappointed that you disobeyed my direction, Jaye. I am afraid that I can’t trust you about this, and I really need to trust you. I need you to never do this again.” I started to interrupt her but she held up her hand again. “Jaye, listen to me. I made that rule for a reason – not to punish you, but to protect you. I know you don’t understand it, but it’s my rule, and you agreed to it. Because you disobeyed me, you really do need to be punished.” I remember sighing, thinking that I would get grounded – forgetting for a moment what that might mean about the dance. Then she said “I want to ground you – to keep you from going to the dance next week.” When she said that, I jumped up and yelled at her – “Mom, you can’t! We already bought my dress! You said I could go!” I felt tears come to my eyes, the idea of staying home while all my friends were going was so horrible to me. My mother’s expression did not change, but she asked me to sit down. “We thought you would be upset at this. I honestly did not care, but Ed volunteered another punishment – and I thought I would leave it up to you.” I looked at Ed. I felt a little surge of hope – Ed would probably want to make me happy, so maybe it would be something like washing the car. But I almost fell over when my mom said “You can either skip the dance and stay home, or get a spanking.” I looked at both of them and almost laughed. I had never, ever been spanked before. A few of my friends had – I remember them telling me every now and then that their dad or mom spanked them for something they did, and I remember thinking that it sucked for them. I always wanted to know how they got spanked – if it was with a hand or a paddle, if their siblings watched – but I was too embarrassed to ask. I thought that my mother might have been speaking to their parents and that’s why she decided to try it. Whatever – I was having none of it.

 “No way – no spanking.” Mom said “fine. Then no dance.” They both stood up and started to walk out the door. I grabbed my mom’s arm. “Mom…” I whined at her. “Please…I am really sorry…I won’t do it again…” She turned to me and said very firmly, “Jaye, no argument. You made your choice. Call your friends and tell them you won’t be going to the dance. That’s it.” They both walked out, and I stomped my feet. I couldn’t believe it. I heard them walk downstairs, and I just sat on my bed in disbelief. I couldn’t even think about not going to the dance – not just because of my friends, but because Peter was going to be there, the boy I liked. I had a beautiful pale blue dress to wear, and my mom was going to do my hair for me. I had to go.

 Images of my friends’ spankings came to me – the things I imagined happening. How bad could it be? They seemed to be fine afterward. It could be over quickly. I would be able to go to the dance. I stood up and ran to my door, calling after them. “Wait!” I didn’t hear anything, so I ran downstairs. They were both in the living room. I said to my mother  “I really want to go to the dance.” My mother looked at me. “Are you saying that you will take the spanking, Jaye?” I felt myself nod. My mother looked at Ed. “Ok, Jaye. I feel it’s best that Ed spank you. I’m still too hurt and angry at you, and I don’t think I would do it well enough.” I took a deep, quick breath and looked at Ed, who was standing up. I took a step back, unintentionally. He came to me and took my arm. “Come here, Jaye.” He led me to the ottoman that he had been sitting on. He sat down and looked up at me. My mother went over to the chair and sat on the arm. I looked at her nervously. I felt Ed’s hand under my chin. He turned my head to him. “Jaye, you understand that you are getting spanked for disobeying your mother, right?” I nodded. “And you understand that this rule is an important one – something your mother feels very strongly about. Right?” I nodded again. I felt my heart start pounding and tears welling up in my eyes. This was really going to happen. “Your mother feels she can’t trust you now, and that’s a very serious thing. That’s why your punishment needs to be serious. Do you understand?” I nodded a third time, feeling the tears start to roll down my face. He removed his hand from my chin and sat back onto the ottoman. He reached over to the sofa and took mom’s plaid throw, and placed it across his lap. He looked up at me and said “Pull your pants down, Jaye.” I opened my mouth to protest but he said quickly “you can leave your underpants on. Do it now.” Slowly, I reached for the snap on my jeans, undid it, and pulled the zipper down. I moved my jeans down a little, and looked at Ed. He reached up and yanked them down to my knees.

 Then everything happened very fast. He pulled me to his side, and bent me over his lap. I was stiff and awkward, and held onto the side of the ottoman, balancing myself. I felt his arm go across my back, holding me steady. He said very quietly “Jaye, one rule – if you try to get up or jump off before I am done, I will start over. Am I clear?” I nodded and gave a little sound of agreement though my clenched teeth, grateful that I was facing away from my mother. Then, I felt his hand pull down my underwear to expose my bottom, and just like that, it began.

His hand came down quickly, and quickly again. I cried out at the first slap, but I had only a second before I felt the next.  It went on that way – hard and quick. I remember bucking a bit at the beginning, uncontrollably, unbelievably, not knowing how to breathe or what to do – and then I felt the stinging pain. It hurt so much – I started crying almost immediately, and my head felt so heavy, I couldn’t keep my legs up. As he continued the pace, I eventually gave up trying to keep my balance, my head and legs collapsing at his sides, my hands coming up to cover my face as I sobbed from the pain and embarrassment. And I can still remember the sound of his open hand meeting my backside – loud smacks, one quickly after the other – they echoed in the room, probably throughout the house. That’s all I heard for a long few minutes. It was worse than I ever imagined it to be.

 Then it was over. He stopped and I lifted my head. I wanted so much to jump up but I was fearful that it wasn’t really over, and he’d start again if I moved. I was biting my bottom lip, my nose running and my tears blurring my vision. I tried to catch my breath through my lingering sobs. Then I felt him lift my underwear back up (his hand brushed across my bare bottom as he did this and I cried out again in fresh pain). The arm that was across my back now moved under me as he lifted me up. I stood awkwardly at his side. He told me to pull up my pants. I did as he asked, still sniffling. He said quietly “now apologize to your mother.” I did so, humbly. She said “Ok, Jaye. Now up to your room and finish your homework. I’ll be in later to talk about this.” I turned and ran up the stairs.

 That was my first spanking. I remember talking to my mother before bed that night. I was laying face down on my bed, not yet able to sit. She said that she hated seeing me suffer, but she felt it was the best lesson she could offer me. Some things warrant serious punishments, she said. She also said that she asked Ed to do the spanking because she knew she could never really do it well enough to make it a real punishment. “Ed did it for me. You know he loves you, but he was as mad as I was that you disobeyed." She reached out to me and gently rubbed my back. “I know it still hurts, honey, but it’s supposed to. I need to tell you that if you ever do something like that again, you’ll get the same spanking again. Do you want that?” I muffled a no to her, my face still buried in my pillow. I felt her rise to leave. I lifted my head quickly. “Mom – I am so sorry.”

 She smiled, bent down and kissed my forehead. She said “I am so glad to hear it, Jaye. I want to trust you again.” I remember at that moment, feeling relieved, almost grateful – like I suffered through something that made her proud. Though I never wanted to get spanked again, I felt like I truly learned a lesson.

 I never told my friends about being spanked. I was too embarrassed. But I was a very good girl for many years after that. Until I turned 16, and met a boy that I thought was worth breaking the rules.

 This was my junior year. I was wearing makeup and perfume, like so many 16-year-olds. Jason was a senior, on the football team for our rival school. He was handsome and strong, and when he asked me to his prom I almost melted. Mom and Ed were excited for me.

 It was a month until the prom, and Jason asked me to go to the valley with him. The valley was a big, dark field behind our development, with picnic tables and trees – a lot of kids met up there after dark to make out. I was inexperienced, but very curious. Of course, I would never tell my mother or Ed the truth about going there – I told them I was going out with Jessica – a friend who just got her license. She picked me up and dropped me off at the other side of the valley, where Ed was waiting.

 I loved being with Jason. He was sweet and fun – and he didn’t pressure me into anything, ever. We fooled around in the valley for hours – until we lost track of time. Finally I spotted Jessica wandering through the trees, calling my name. I jumped up and yelled to her. She ran up to me and Jason and told me that it was past midnight – my mom had called Jess’s place and her mom said I wasn’t there. Her mom made Jess come find me.

 I had no idea what I was in for. Jess drove me home. I walked in and mom started yelling at me – where were you, we were so worried, how could you do this, etc. I kept trying to apologize, but mom kept going on. She was so mad. She said I was grounded – no prom!  I couldn’t take it – I screamed at her “**** you!” I immediately regretted it, but I was too far gone to take it back. I ran past her up the stairs.

 She stormed after me, following me into my room. Ed was at her heels. I thought she was going to keep yelling, but she took a deep breath and said “I can’t believe you did what you did. And I can’t believe you said what you said. Ed’s going to spank you for it, and you are NOT going to the prom. No arguments.” She turned and walked away. I stood up and yelled after her “mom, I am too old to be spanked! Please!” I tried to walk out the door, but Ed stopped me. “Wait here, Jaye. I need to talk to your mom.” I stopped and sat down in my chair. He left my room. They were gone for awhile. I was a bundle of nerves, thinking about missing my prom, thinking about being spanked – thinking about how far all this went, so fast. I was shaking.

 Finally Ed came back in. Mom didn’t come with him. He closed the door and went to my bed and sat down. “Jaye, obviously your mom is very upset. I know you want to go to the prom. We want you to go too, but you need to be punished for what you did. Do you agree?” I said “I guess.” Ed continued. “I agree with your mom that you should be spanked for cursing at her – you know better than to do that, and you need to be punished for it. But this business with breaking curfew and not being where you said you were – that is beyond what we ever thought you’d do. I think it would be appropriate to take away the prom. But after discussing it, we decided to give you a choice. Either no prom, or a second spanking. It’s up to you.” I stared at him, not sure I understood him. “You mean I would get two spankings at once?” Ed shook his head. “I doubt you’d want a second one after the first one, Jaye. I will do it if you want, but I will let you decide after I spank you the first time.”

 I didn’t know what to say. Apparently I had no time to think, because he stood up and reached for my arm, pulling me up. “Let’s get this over with.” He walked me to the edge of the bed.  “Pull your pants down, Jaye. Leave your underwear on.” I did as I was told, still shaking. I pulled my jeans down to my knees, and stood back up. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do. I thought he would sit down and pull me over him like last time. But he had a different plan. 

Ed went over and picked up a pillow, placing it in the middle of the bed. “Lay down, Jaye, across the pillow.” He guided me down and my body fell onto the bed, my hips against the pillow, raised a bit. He took my arm and pulled me forward a bit, so I was centered on the bed. Then he sat down on the bed, next to me. I thought he would get right to it, but I heard him rolling up his sleeves. Then I heard my mother come in. She closed the door behind her. Ed said “Do you have it?” She murmured something, and then I heard her go to my desk and open the drawer, and take something out. I couldn’t see it. I was about to ask what it was when Ed spoke. He spoke sternly. “Jaye, your mother and I agreed that you should be spanked with your wooden ruler.” My eyes widened and before I could stop myself I actually started getting up – I was so afraid. I knew he was holding my thick, 18-inch wooden ruler that I got in my Christmas stocking last year. I used it for math and other projects. I never in my wildest dreams thought of it being used this way.

 Ed put his hand on my back, pushing me back down. “No arguments, Jaye.” I felt him pull down the back of my underwear a bit, and suddenly I felt the ruler rest against my backside. “Are you ready, Jaye?” I had to say yes.

 I felt the ruler lifted away, and then it came down, extremely hard, and loud, across both my cheeks. I squealed into my bedspread and arched my back, my hips pushing into the pillow and my hands coming to my mouth as I tried to muffle my cries. I really didn’t want to cry – it made me feel like a baby. Ed left the ruler against my skin for a moment, which made it sting even more. Then he lifted it again, and then it came down again, this time against one cheek. I screamed as quietly as   I could.

 It continued the same way. I was crying and screaming into my hands, and bucking against each smack, trying in vain to move away from the oncoming ruler. The sounds took over my senses – the hard smacks on my bottom, the few silent seconds as he raised the ruler and brought it back down, and my muffled squeals.

 Finally, he stopped. I heard him drop the ruler on the bed. He lifted my underwear back up over my backside – which I was certain had welts all over it – and helped me stand. I reached down and pulled up my pants. He put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face my mother. “What do you say to your mother?” I brushed the hair out of my face and looked at her. “I’m sorry for cursing at you, mom. I really am.” She nodded. She still looked upset. Ed walked over to my mom and turned to me. “Jaye, as I told you, you can either miss prom or you can take another spanking. Your mom isn’t happy, but she’s agreed to that choice. Do you know what you want?” I looked down. I did not want to miss the prom, but there was no way I could take another spanking now. I said “I want to go to the prom. But I don’t want another spanking tonight. Can we wait?” Ed said that would be fine. “Your mom and I are going to bed. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.” They left the room. I threw myself on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

 The next day, my mother came in the room to wake me. I slept on my stomach. My bottom was still so very sore. She sat on my bed with me and stroked my hair. I looked up at her. She asked me how I feel. I told her I felt sore and embarrassed, and that I hated that Ed used the ruler. She nodded. “I know. I knew it would hurt you so much. But I also knew that if Ed spanked you the same way he did last time, it might not have gotten through to you. My friends tell me that they spank their teens with switches or wooden spoons because hand spankings are nothing to their kids. Ed and I discussed what would be appropriate, and we agreed that your ruler would be the best thing to use – to make sure you learned your lesson. I never, ever want to hear that word out of your mouth again. Do you agree?” I nodded. “Yes, mom. I told you I was sorry, and I meant it.”  She smiled at me, and thanked me. Then she said, “Now, about your escapade with Jason.” I groaned, burying my head under the blanket. She pulled it down and made me look at her. “Jaye, when we called Jessica’s place, it wasn’t to check up on you. It was to let you know we were going out, and we would come get you on the way home. Jessica wouldn’t tell us where you were until her mother interfered. When we found out, I was furious. What were you thinking?” I lowered my eyes, not knowing what to say. She went on. “I know you like seeing Jason, but you know you will not be going out in the evenings from now until prom. You can see Jason at school and you can invite him over here, but that’s it. After prom, we’ll discuss it further.”

 I was not happy, but I knew better than to argue. But I did have to ask one thing. “Mom, is this grounding instead of another spanking?” She shook her head at me. “No, Jaye. You are grounded either way. You can either get spanked again or forfeit the prom. It’s up to you.” I stayed silent for a moment. Then I said, “Does it have to be with the ruler again? I honestly don’t think I could take it again.” She looked at me with sympathy. “Ed and I will discuss what it will be. Remember, I would be happy to take the prom away from you. It was Ed who talked me into offering you the second spanking. He didn’t want you to miss the prom.” She stood up. “You’ll let us know when you are ready for it. Remember that Ed’s going out of town in a few weeks, and of course the prom is at the beginning of next month. It will need to be before then.”  She turned and left my room.

 I reached down and felt my backside – I could feel small welts across both cheeks, and it still burned a little. I was not about to get spanked again anytime soon. I got up to take a shower.

 Now it was a few weeks later - the night before Ed was leaving. My mother was out at her book club. I was in my room on the phone, talking to Jess. In the back of my mind, I knew that this would likely be the last night I could get spanked. I was hoping that they would forget, and I would tell my mom I was ready tomorrow, after Ed left. Technically it was still before the prom. I was not keen on having my mom spank me, but it would be better than Ed doing it.

 Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. “Yeah?” I said. Ed opened the door and stuck his head in. “Jaye, I need to talk to you for a moment.” I told Jess to hold on, and put the phone against my shoulder. “What, Ed?” He came into the room and looked at me. “You know what I want to talk about, Jaye. Tell your friend you’ll call her back.” I hesitated, but then I told Jess I would talk to her later, and hung up. Then I sat up on the bed. Ed came over and sat next to me. “Jaye, you know I am leaving for Phoenix tomorrow. Your mom asked you to let us know when you were ready for your second spanking. Either we do it tonight, or you don’t go to prom. Which is it?” I stood up, ready to make my argument. “Ed, I have another week until the prom. I can do it anytime next week. Mom can do it, can’t she? You never said she couldn’t.” Ed sighed, smiling at me. “Ok, Jaye. I am fine with that if your mom is. Why don’t you call her now and ask her?” I stared at him.  I knew what she would say, but I was too far into this now. I picked up the phone. “Fine, I will.” I dialed my friend Rosemary’s house , which is where the book club was meeting. Rose’s mom answered, and I asked for my mother. “Mom,” I said, “Listen, Ed is in my room asking about – you know – and I told him that I had until prom because you said so, so I can wait until next week, right?” I heard her sigh. Then she said, “Jaye, Ed will be the one to do it, and you know it. Tonight is the last night, and you know that too. I told you that. Either wait until I get home tonight or do it before. I don’t care.” I tried to protest. “But mom, why can’t you do it?” She was getting annoyed. “Jaye, put Ed on the phone.” I got nervous. “No, mom, it’s ok, I will do it tonight, I promise. I’m sorry, ok?” She waited a moment, then she said ok. “Remember, Jaye, I am still very upset at what you did. Think about that tonight.” She said goodnight to me and hung up. I put the phone down and looked at Ed. I had no choice.

 “Fine. Let’s do it now,” I said. My mind was spinning, thinking about the ruler – how painful it was and how I would have burning welts on my backside again. I honestly couldn’t move.

 Ed looked at me with a bit of sympathy. “Come on, Jaye. Let’s get this over with.” He went to my desk drawer and took out the ruler. Then he told me to come downstairs with him. I was already tearing up.

 Ed steered me to the living room. He sat on the sofa, and pulled over his lap the same plaid throw that he used years ago. He sat back and motioned for me to come to him. I was wearing my pajamas by then – shorts and a tank top. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Ed seemed to know this, because he took my arm and pulled me down, my body stretched across the sofa, and my bottom directly on his lap. I felt him rest his hand on my back, pushing down gently but firmly. “Jaye, I want this to be the last spanking you ever get from me, do you understand?”

 “Yes,” I say. I wanted that too.

 I felt him slide the back of my shorts down so my bottom was bare.  Then the ruler rested against my skin. I tensed up, biting my lip. I felt him lift the ruler up, and then come back down, hard. My spanking had begun.

 It felt longer, harder than before. I didn’t even try to hide my crying. At one point I even begged him to stop. He did pause for a moment, and told me to be quiet. “You know you deserve this, Jaye. I won’t have you arguing with me.” I kicked my feet a little, whining and moaning, anticipating the next blow with the ruler. After a few more (it felt like a hundred), I couldn’t help it – I tried to move my hand to cover my bottom, just to stop the stinging. Ed got so mad. He grabbed my hand, dropped the ruler, and started spanking me with his hand – quick and hard. I screamed and arched my back and cried. He was speaking to me through this part, something about “don’t you ever interfere with me young lady, you will take your spanking with respect” – emphasizing the words as his hand came down. At one point he paused and said “Do you understand!” I cried the word YES and he continued. I stopped moving, finally, knowing I could do nothing but take it. Ed felt me go still, and the spanking slowed down. Finally, it was over.

 I knew I hated to be spanked. I knew it was horrible, painful, embarrassing. But afterward, when I thought about it, I also knew that by being spanked, I was paying the price for my behavior, and that mom and Ed were doing this because I deserved it. I didn’t hate them for doing it, not even the first time. It did make the point! I had no recourse from it, no way of getting out of it. I couldn’t argue, couldn’t find a way around it. I simply had to take it. I understood that this pain was my doing, and that Ed cared enough about my mom to actually do the spanking. His little narrations before spanking me made sure that I understood the reason for my punishment. And afterward – when he made me voice an apology to my mother – he made sure that I recognized the completion of my punishment. It was a routine of respect I followed. In some way, it made me feel…good, I guess. I got through the punishment, I earned my mom and Ed’s respect, and it was all over. No fighting, no lingering anger. Pretty cut and dry.

 Was it because I was older that I was able to see it this way? I don’t know. I know I love my mom and I love Ed, and I don’t blame them for anything. I am not sure that I am grateful for being spanked. But I am a fine, functioning adult who has no trauma from it. I have to admit that today, I am very into  getting spanked - both for discipline and for pleasure. I believe it is in part because I was raised to see spanking as an immediate, sound solution that produces exactly what is expected – pain, tears, humiliation. There is no mystery to it. It works well. I like that about it. I like to be submissive – to actually “give” my pain to my trusted punisher because that’s what he demands. I feel my pain and humiliation is a gift, given freely and willingly, even through tears. I feel it is something that is agreed upon and then achieved in a partnership of sorts. Both punished and punisher get exactly what they want. I guess I like that so much because you don’t always get that in sex. But you will always get it with spanking.

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Mar 5, 2010