I Just Got Extra Maintanence Spanking-and It Was Needed

so,like ive sed in other postings im 18,a guy,and since i ws bout 15- my auntie mel,who i partly live with as mum works full time,spanks me 2 times a week(sumtimes mre but twice a week we have 2 good,long maintanence spanking sessions) it works and keeps me in check. Anyway it means i dont get punishment "spankings", since auntie mel started spanking me bout 3 years ago,i've only had punishment twice. once wen i was rnd bout 16ish,looking back at incident-i stayed out all nite wifout calling home-i think i thought i'd just get an xtra dose from auntie and that,well she's guna spank me anyway. foolish,i realise now and it was that event that made me realy appreciate my maintanence spankings.(on that occasion mum and auntie mel told me how worried they'd been,and asked me to bend over the kitchen table take my clothes off then they had a cane each and well,oooooccccchhhh,thats why i put the word spanking in speech marks,cos a punshment is a thrashing). later we all had big talk,my mum was worried and upset but during convo,it came from me without thinking,that the other kids had been,drinking and stuff but,it like hit me as a thort which i obviously spoke that,sure i stayed out all nite but i'd been taught bettr than 2 do other stufff. i.e-thanx 2 auntie mel spankings and mum. so auntie mel and mum were pleased but 4 a cupul o weeks i actualy asked if auntie cld maybe increase my spankings,mum sed OK,but as a mother perhaps she had'nt been doing her bit,which mde me feel so ashmed (my mum has devoted her life 2 me) so anyway mum sed it was her duty to "conclude" my punishment. so auntie mel stayed for tea as i remember,i sat in punishment pain in just my boxers and t-shirt,auntie left,and2 make it short me and mum had auva good talk,then went to her room where i took em off again,bent over back of her bedroom chair,and she wept as she strapped my backside.(it realy did hurt her more,i know as hard as it ws she cld ae bee harder) and auntie mel spanked me everyday4 the next week. since then i ave been realy good,with auntie mel givin m the regular spankings i need. since i was about,nearly 17,auntie often just says "i think sum1 is heading,4 a moody,we dont want that now do we" and ijust go over the sofa arm,fr a few licks of her belt. she's alwys spot on. anyway last week i did something realy realy stupid and dumb and auntie mel and mum had to thrash me. so i' typing his with a stingy behind,cos i just had an Xtra maintanence spanking session,no harder,just becuse had 2 be punished,we all agreed that untill further notice auntie will give me 3 maintanence sessions a week (they always last nearly 2 hours in the spare room-with plenty of corner time and lecturing throw in if u dont mind)but it works for me and keeps me a decent young man any1else get maintanence spankings? plz msg me or comment
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

So... They spank you at least twice a week... Whether or not you've misbehaved. I've never had that, but of course, I've never needed it, as I rarely get caught, if ever for mischief I cause. I'm surprised they do that though, I've never heard of such a thing. It sounds barbaric. Unless you were a trouble maker before at a constant and unstoppable rate?

Hi Kev
Its mean that you still get maintenence spankings at 18. I am sorry to tell you I was only spanked to 14 but my brother got spankings until he was 20 so I guess you might have a couple more years of sore butt yet.